nobody movie_The Sopranos killed Adriana off screen and we’re all better off


The scene where Adriana dies is disturbing and original. She clutches the steering wheel as Silvio screams and drags her out of the car, and she tries in vain to crawl away into the woods. She shows such a clear, overwhelming will to live that it only makes the futility of her attempts all the more devastating. Most importantly, the show chooses not to show her actual death. Showrunner David Chase explained:

“It’s the only time in the entire history of the show that we’ve killed someone and we haven’t shown their point of view. It seems worse without it; we imagined what might have happened to her and how her body would have been destroyed. I don’t think any of us wanted to see Drea in that condition.”

In a way, keeping her death off-screen makes the experience even worse for the viewer, as nothing is more horrific than our own imagination of how it played out. On the other hand, it gives her death a dignity that so many other killed characters in the show don’t get. The only other character in “The Sopranos” whose death scene is not shown is arguably Tony Soprano himself in the final.

The love for Adriana extended beyond the set, as De Matteo’s final day was one of the most celebratory of the crew’s history. “When we got up on stage that last day, they brought out a big float with champagne and flowers,” the actress said. “The whole wardrobe department stuffed my trailer with balloons.”

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