nobody movie_The murder suspect does not name the shooter but says it is not him or his friend


A murder suspect said he would not name a killer on an electric bike – but it wasn’t him or his friend.

Ben Doyle is accused of being “an accomplice” in the shooting Patrick Boyle in one Huyton Dead end last summer. prosecutors claim Rueben Murphy performed the “public execution” on an electric bicycle.

Murphy, 26, denies shooting Mr Boyle. He says at the time he was in a back garden in another part of Huyton, “off me head on ket”.

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Murphy is said to have shot the 26-year-old twice in Newway on Lordens Road on July 1. Prosecutors say Lyme Grove, where Murphy’s boyfriend Doyle lived, was “a hub for launching the deadly attack”.

Doyle admitted to riding the electric bike 10 minutes before the shooting, just before 6pm today. But the 24-year-old told Liverpool Crown Court then he gave it to its owner – a man he declined to name for fear of “retaliation”.

When questioned by John Jones, QC, the defending unemployed Doyle said he receives benefits but makes money repairing, buying and selling off-road bikes. Doyle said he was awakened at 12:40 p.m. by “a commotion” outside his mother’s home.

Murphy has said he fell out with Frazer Brown, an associate of Mr Boyle, who owed him money over an old cannabis debt. Murphy says Mr. Brown chased him with a picket. Doyle today said he didn’t know what the argument was about, but said “everyone should go away”.

He said a friend passing by said a man needed his electric bike repaired because the chain kept coming loose and one wheel needed alignment. He said he agreed and picked up the blue and white Sur Ron bike from its owner at a nearby garden.

Doyle said he would not name the bike owner or provide any information that might lead to his identification “due to retaliation or anything to my mother’s address”. Mr Jones said: “What do you fear he might do?” Doyle said it was a murder case and “anything could happen”.

Doyle accepted that CCTV showed him riding the Sur-Ron at 1:51 p.m. and doing a wheelie at Lyme Grove “to see how it handled”. He said he fixed it in the back yard of a house two doors down from his, which the owners allowed him to do.

Rueben Murphy accused of murdering Patrick Boyle in Huyton

Doyle said he left the bike in that garden, which he hadn’t realized had anything wrapped around its frame. Prosecutors allege Doyle, masked and dressed in dark clothing, was left on the bike at 2:12 p.m., now wrapped in black garbage bags.

They say he drove to Pennard Avenue and then returned at 2:30 p.m. Doyle said he wasn’t aware at this point that the bike had been taken anywhere and it was “the owner of the bike, not me or Mr. Murphy.”

Doyle said he was home between 2pm and 5pm, on his cellphone in that area, before Murphy stopped by and “ket” in the yard of an “empty house” next door. He later said they both went to a shop to buy “skins and drinks”.

Doyle said after they returned home he told Murphy he was going to get some “weed” around 5:30 p.m. He said he picked it up from a man on Hathersage Road, whom he would not name, and then returned at 5.34pm.

Mr Jones said CCTV footage from 5.40pm showed Doyle riding the Sur-Ron bike to Pennard Avenue. Doyle said he had borrowed cannabis from a friend on Butleigh Road the day before and was returning cannabis to that person, whom he would not name.

Doyle said he shouted to Murphy that he was leaving and then saw the bike owner get the Sur-Ron out of a shed. He said because he had cannabis on him, he asked the bike owner for a ride.

Doyle said the owner agreed but asked him to ride because he didn’t like riding the bike with two people. Doyle said he didn’t notice if the bike looked different than last time.

Doyle said he now has his hood up and wears a mask because it’s illegal to ride a bike on the street. Doyle said he was wearing a dark jacket because he had previously borrowed it from another friend – a man who lived on Hillside Avenue whom he would not name – and would be returning it as well.

Floral tributes were left on Newway in Huyton where Patrick Boyle was shot
Floral tributes were left on Newway in Huyton where Patrick Boyle was shot

Doyle said he got off his bike on Pennard Avenue to walk to Butleigh Road. Mr Jones said: “That’s 10 minutes before the shooting. Did you know there was going to be a shootout?” Doyle said, “No, I wasn’t any smarter.”

The QC said, “Did you know that the man on the bike who was sitting behind you was armed with a gun? A pistol?” Doyle said, “No. I was not aware of any such thing, nor was anything spoken to me while he was on the back of the bike.”

Doyle said he didn’t know where the bike owner was going and drove away after giving him £30 to fix it. Mr Jones played CCTV footage of the bicycle leaving with one person on it. He asked, “Is that you?” Doyle said, “No, not me, nor is it Mr. Murphy.”

Patrick Boyle, 26, was shot dead in Huyton on Thursday July 1, 2021
Patrick Boyle, 26, was shot dead in Huyton on Thursday July 1, 2021
(Image: Merseyside Police)

Doyle said he dropped off the cannabis, then the jacket, before going back to his mother. Mr Jones said at 5.56pm Mr Boyle was shot. Doyle said he had “no idea”.

He said he walked back to Lyme Grove and was standing by a wall at 6.08pm when he was surprised when the bike owner pulled up at Sur-Ron and said ‘can I throw this bike in there? on the hunt.”

When asked what he thought that meant, Doyle said, “That he was being chased by the Bizzies because you can’t drive it on the street.”

Doyle said CCTV showed him an open arms gesture because the home’s owners were “snotty” about him leaving bikes there. But he said the owner put the bike in the shed and then walked away.

Murphy of Oak Avenue, Newton-le-Willows; and Doyle of Lyme Grove; Huyton, deny murder, possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life and possession of ammunition with intent to endanger life.


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