nobody movie_The cast of Downton Abbey A New Era are this week’s Radio Times cover stars


Downton Abbey stars Michelle Dockery, Dame Maggie Smith and new cast Hugh Dancy are on the cover of Radio Times magazine this week, celebrating their appearance in the new film. Downton Abbey: A New Era.

Speaking to Emma Cox, Dockery explains how nice it is to be back in a role she’s been in for 12 years: “It’s really rare to go back into a character that you’ve been playing for so many years has played. Three years have passed since the last one [Downton Abbey] film and we all worked in between. It’s great to revisit something so familiar.”

Meanwhile, Hugh Dancy reveals he had never seen Downton before starring in the film: “I have two kids and I have 4,000 TV shows saved in the library ready to watch, so I’ve only seen snippets of Downton. I read the script and about three times a page I had to trawl through the fansites online and look up Mr Carson or whatever and get the whole backstory. It took me four hours to read the script like this!”

Downton inventor, writer and executive producer Julian Fellowes talks about his plans for Downton’s next era and why he believes, “No one is more snobbish than the entertainment industry!”

Also in this week’s magazine:

  • Lucy Worsley calls for more attention to be paid to the women of history who have murdered
  • DI Ray star Parminder Nagra and creator Maya Sondhi talk about their new drama and the everyday racism they face in real life
  • Jack Davenport speaks 10 Percent and his thoughts on the backlash to the This Life reunion: “The show was very timely.”

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