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In The buzz cutwe bring you a roundup of news you wish weren’t news.

Award-winning actor makes film festival judges doubt their qualifications on Twitter

The men are wrong. A woman they’ve tried for years to discredit as an anti-nationalist and a “drogist” has just announced her place at a prestigious company Film Festival Jury. The actress, who has won multiple awards and accolades for her filmography, is currently under fire of condescension and disbelief from some men online who believe she may not qualify. In fact, it’s hard to top the credentials of these men, who can double as forensic experts, political analysts, patriots, and scientists while attempting to denounce them. As she represents the country internationally, her high-profile critics feel taken aback that the film festival didn’t consult her prior to the selection. It remains to be seen how the festival will recover from the severe blow to its credibility.


Decades of feminism have failed to consider Barbie as a live-action

A highly anticipated live-action film releases a first sight of his title character this week – a blueeyes, blondhairy woman in a bright pink convertible. She’s Barbie, and she’s here to free us from ever needing feminism again. Not much is known about the film other than the fact that two of the most beautiful people in the world act as two of the most beautiful toys in the world. It’s possible the film subverts beauty and is a feminist reclamation of a toy that has ruined most girls’ lives. On the other hand, it could also be a metaText commentary on living in plastic – shows how we all live under capitalism under plastic that not only chokes our waters but also our bloodstream. It could also be about the commodification of women in neoliberalism, where we are all reduced to dolls and toys. Until we find out, however, there’s still one perfect, flawlessly gorgeous woman pretending to be a long-inconsequential toy to be admired. Fantasy, life is your creation.


Man in his 30s dreads making autobiographical film

A man we know too much about just signed up for a semi-autobiographical TV series. Reportedly, as someone approaching his 30s, he would be buried in show business if he didn’t immediately mark the new decade of his life with his own self-fulfillment. Many men have tried and failed in this endeavor. That’s because the tradition is a long and storied one in which men realize that if they don’t turn their attention to their own lives and observations, the world will forget them. It remains to be seen how a man whose love life, tattoos, trauma and beef have overwhelmingly occupied the cultural conversation has yet to tell us something new.


Sequel to Adult Fancy Dress Party 2021, due out in 2022

If you have a feeling of seen, you’re not alone. A costume party which began in the second half of last year, is moving forward with a sequel that nobody asked for this year. The ceremony was fairly unceremoniously split in two due to unforeseen events – such as a catastrophic global pandemic that had claimed millions of lives by then. But it doesn’t matter, because costume parties don’t want to allow illness and hunger to spoil the party, so to speak. The rulers of the zeitgeist promptly picked up the bad vibes to regroup again – while the rest of the world held its breath and awaited the sweet release of death.


Indian men identify as famous abusive man

Twitter is full of declarations of love – this time for a single man who is currently on trial over alleged abuse and abuse by his former partner. However, based on their firm belief in religion as a “due process”, Indian men are finally taking a stand – recognizing systemic gender discrimination, flaws in the legal system and society’s tendency to disbelieve the testimonies of survivors. So far, so good – until the men started talking passionately about how men actually stand at the bottom of this series of injustices. They then began identifying as the actor himself and trending “I Am Johnny Depp” on social media. As a matter of fact.


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