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Right from launch, Insomniac Games offered fans a variety of suits to unlock Marvel’s Spider-Man. After launch, however, Insomniac continued to be generous, giving fans enough DLC suits to fill another list.

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With Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 On the go, now is the best time to look back at the many DLC suits and determine which were the best. These range from suits brought to life from the comics, or promotional suits that replicate iconic suits from the films. Either way, swinging around New York City and battling villains is even more fun.


10 Classic Iron Spider

Split image of Spider-Man swinging around town in the Classic Iron Spider suit in Marvel's Spider-Man

The Tom Holland twist on the Iron Spider suit looks great for the MCU, but it’s hard to top the original red and gold suit from the comics.

The design of the Iron Spider suit fits surprisingly well with the realistic art style of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Insomniac could have just turned the red bodysuit into spandex, but it actually looks like metal armor and really feels like the aesthetics of both heroes have been seamlessly fused together.

9 Aaron Aikman spider armor

Split image of Spider-Man swinging around town in Marvel's Spider-Man suit in the Aaron Aikman suit

There are obscure suits in the roster, but this one is perhaps the most unusual. Appears for a single issue of edge of spider versewas Aaron Aikman an alternate version of Spider-Man from Earth-31411. He was turned into a Spider-Man through an experimental process.

Its design is essentially a combination of the many versions of Spider-Armor out there. Though this suit looked like a spider-themed Power Ranger at times, it was a welcome addition to the third DLC chapter of Marvel’s Spider-Manfitting the more technological version of the Spider-Man mythos.

8th Bombastic Bag-Man

Split image of Spider-Man swinging around town in the Bombastic Bag-Man suit in Marvel's Spider-Man

This suit is a reference to a famous comic book when Peter was in dire need of a suit so he borrowed one from the Fantastic Four and wore a brown paper bag as a mask. So he became the Bombastic Bag-Man for a short time. It’s absolutely silly, but fans swallowed it with big grins on their faces.

Many were glad it was added Marvel’s Spider-Man for free. There’s also a surprising amount of detail in the suit. It could have been the simplest blue suit, but Insomniac went the extra mile to make it an actual costume that could fit a version of the Fantastic Fourwhich has some fans wondering if they’ll ever face off against the legendary team.

7 future foundation

Split image of Spider-Man swinging around town in the Future Foundation suit in Marvel's Spider-Man

Another Fantastic Four suit, this one is based on the Future Foundation’s white clad suits when Spider-Man was part of that team. Again, this is a look that was added for free and considering how detailed it is it shows that Insomniac cared about the fans.

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The bulbous eye lenses are unlike any other in the game and the suit’s texture is done subtly, but it has a pattern that makes the suit look futuristic. Even the white parts are designed to look like shiny armor. It’s an example of Insomniac taking an iconic suit from the comics and giving it his own twist.

6 Scarlet Spider II

Split image of Spider-Man swinging around town in the Scarlet Spider II suit in Marvel's Spider-Man

The Scarlet Spider II suit that appeared in the first DLC chapter was the suit worn by Kaine Parker. a darker clone of the original Peter Parker. As popular as the Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider look is, this one just feels better for a Spider-Man clone.

The red and black contrast well and Insomniac did an emasculated job emulating it in their visual style. If they wanted to do Kaine Parker’s story in future games, fans would accept this suit for what it is as it could act as a sinister counterpart to the Advanced Suit.

5 Resistant suit

Split image of Spider-Man swinging around town in Marvel's Spider-Man in the Resilient suit

One of Insomniac’s few original suits, the Resilient Suit is a welcome departure from the game’s signature designs. Most suits have wide lenses for the eyes, but this suit keeps Spider-Man’s eyes in a permanently glaring position, making for a more imposing look overall.

The metallic finish darkens the reds and blues, allowing the white spider logo to stand out. The logo is also beautifully designed and extends across the chest and back, with the legs outlining the shoulder pads.

4 The Incredible Spiderman

Split image of Spider-Man swinging around town in Marvel's Spider-Man suit in The Amazing Spider-Man suit

As both Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire’s suits were featured Marvel’s Spider-Man, many agreed that Andrew Garfield’s suit deserved a spot as well. It took a long time, but the suit made The Incredible Spiderman was added to the PS5 remaster and later ported to the PS4 version.

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Although most would prefer the suit The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the first suit remains a unique piece of Spider-Man history. It went in its own direction with a greater emphasis on blue with gold lenses.

3 swim suit

Split image of Spider-Man swinging around town in Marvel's Spider-Man suit in the Sam Raimi suit

If there’s one movie skin everyone wanted from the start, it was Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man suit from the Sam Raimi trilogy. It was the suit that lasted through three films, while both Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland got and created new suits in each film a wide range of Spider-Man movie suits.

Fans were particularly excited about the Raimi suit, as certain segments of the campaign in Marvel’s Spider-Man draw on scenes from this trilogy. Now fans can do their best to recreate these scenes as well as some famous shots in Photo mode.

2 Into the Spider-Verse suit

Split image of Spider-Man swinging through town in the Into The Spider-Verse suit in Marvel's Spider-Man

Considering that the art style of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse gave all the many sympathetic characters stylized proportions, nobody really expected this suit to work. However, Insomniac made it and brought in Peter B. Parker Marvel’s Spider-Man and managed to maintain the film’s distinctive style.

This would actually be the forerunner to Miles’ Into the spider verse suit on Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. It not only captured the art style but also implemented the framerate animation from the film.

1 Advanced Armored Suit

Split image of Spider-Man swinging through the city in Marvel's Spider-Man in the Armored Advanced Suit

Seemingly out of nowhere, fans received another upgrade to Spider-Man’s base suit with update 1.19. This time the DLC takes the Advanced Suit and doubles down on the white armored pieces until almost the entire suit is a bulkier Spider-Man ready to go to war.

No one asked for it, but it was a valued gift from the developers. It’s a good balance of looking like something Spider-Man would wear to battle without looking like a leftover Iron Man suit. It could honestly be the base suit for the sequel and probably nobody would have second thoughts.

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