nobody movie_Stars You Didn’t Know Turned Down Brokeback Mountain


Matt Damon is one of the stars that director Gus Van Sant has confirmed missed a chance to appear on Brokeback Mountain. While it’s unclear if Damon was offered the role of Ennis, who Heath Ledger would later play, or Jack, who is occupied by Jake Gyllenhaal, we’re sure every studio would have loved to have him cast in the film.

At the time, Damon was as hot as could be, with hits like “Good Will Hunting,” “Ocean’s Eleven,” and “The Bourne Identity” under his belt. The actor has never spoken out about why he passed on Brokeback Mountain, although Damon has played gay before, most recently in HBO’s Behind the Candelabra alongside Michael Douglas as Liberace. Still, he has found himself involved in a number of minor scandals related to his views on homosexuality and gay actors. Possibly this influenced his willingness to take on the role of a gay cowboy in 2005.

In 2015 he told The guard that he believed actors should remain silent about their sexuality, a statement many took as a warning that gay actors should stay in the closet. “It doesn’t matter if you’re straight or gay, people shouldn’t know about your sexuality because that’s one of the mysteries that you should be able to play out,” said Damon, who isn’t particularly quiet about his wife and their four children. In August 2021, Damon was again charged with homophobic views when he claimed he only recently stopped using gay slurs at his daughter’s urging (he later denied this, per diversity).

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