nobody movie_Shruti says Kamal and Sarika were a brilliant couple, they were not put off by their split

Shruti Haasan has spoken about how, despite her debut with a Hindi film, she is often referred to as “South Indian”, calls Mumbai home and converses with her mother in Hindi.

The actress said she moved to Mumbai after her parents Sarika and Kamal Haasan split.

Shruti says she moved to Mumbai after her parents split, but makes it clear the city isn’t the “center of the universe” for everyone. Shruti took a two-year hiatus from London and returned to the scene earlier this year with her web series The Bestsellar.

“I understand that Mumbai feels like the center of the universe for so many people, but it’s not the center of some people’s universe. I don’t think anyone should apologize for where they spend most of their time at work. I was in that race where people say that as an actor you have to do one Hindi film a year. I have moved to Mumbai since my parents split up. I have lived here for many years. I speak Hindi with my mother. So when I consider Mumbai my home and the city considers me its own, how can someone from the Hindi film industry say things like ‘Oh, but you’re a South Indian,'” she told the Bombay Times in an interview.

However, Shruti made it clear that she always looks at what is good about the marriage of her parents, Sarika and Kamal Haasan. “I think my parents had the best intentions for their marriage. When it worked, it was a fantastic marriage and I took that with me. Things may or may not work out. I always like to look at what the good side of it was. My parents went through a lot and they persevered. Just because their marriage didn’t work out doesn’t mean I would write off the idea of ​​marriage. When it worked, they were a brilliant couple and that’s what I focused on,” she said.

Shruti also spoke about dating Santanu Hazarika, a visual artist. But the actor isn’t ready to take the plunge just yet. She said the thought of marriage made her “nervous at this point” and that she “wouldn’t jump into the idea right away.”

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