nobody movie_Sheriff says no one is “off the hook” while they await key evidence


Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza says no one is “off the hook.” rust Shoot.

The sheriff’s office released all files related to the ongoing investigation on Monday – Hundreds of pieces of evidence, including video of actor Alec Baldwin rehearsing with the antique revolver that exposed the killing of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in October. Mendoza made it clear in an interview on Tuesday that no one has been cleared of possible criminal negligence.

“It’s too early to rule anything out now,” Mendoza said Tuesday today Show. “I don’t think anyone is off the hook when it comes to criminal charges.”

He noted that the key evidence they are waiting for in the investigation is pending, including FBI analysis of the firearm, ammunition and projectile, DNA and latent fingerprint analysis, coroner’s findings and Analysis of Baldwin’s phone data.

All of this is “a key component” of the investigation, Mendoza said.

“I’ve said this before: I think there was complacency on set,” he said. “There was disorganization and a degree of negligence, whether that’s criminally relevant, that’s for the prosecution to decide.”

The sheriff was asked for a statement from Baldwin ABC News Interview last year that it’s not his fault for the shooting, and he replied, “Whether he’s responsible or not depends on the prosecution.”

The Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office on Monday shared the results of the investigation into the Rust shooting, including video of star Alec Baldwin holding the gun before camerawoman Halyna Hutchins was fatally shot.  (Screenshot: Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office)

Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office shared rust Investigation results from Monday’s shooting, including video of star Alec Baldwin rehearsing with the gun before camerawoman Halyna Hutchins is fatally shot. (Screenshot: Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office)

He also spoke about there being a live cartridge in the gun that should never have been on the set, noting that this too is an important part of the investigation.

“Right now, no one has come forward and admitted to bringing the live rounds to the film set,” he said. However, there were “worrying” text messages amid the find Hannah Gutierrez had asked Reed about live ammunition for a film a few months earlier rust production started.

The reason the investigation findings — including interviews, text messages and bodycam footage — were released Monday was a request for public records to be kept. Mendoza also said it was “transparent” about the high-profile investigation.

There is video of Baldwin drawing the revolver in the rehearsal moments before the gun is fired. Footage from a proxy body camera showed him in the moments after the shooting. Baldwin was asked, “Are you alright?” He replied, “Actually, I’m not.” And crime scene investigators photographed Baldwin in his gory costume.

Gutierrez Reed was clearly shaken in other footage, admitting she was “so scared” as she spoke to investigators. She appeared unaware that Baldwin had the gun at the time of the shooting. She also said she checked the ammunition and thought they were dummies.

There was also an interview with ammunition supplier Seth Kenney, owner of PDQ Arm & Prop, in which he said Gutierrez Reed texted him while filming a previous film asking for live ammunition. He claimed: “She wanted to shoot live ammunition from the guns. The guns for TV movies.

Gutierrez Reed, who denies guilt, is suing Kenney, He claimed he had delivered a mislabelled box of ammunition containing live cartridges to the set and claimed it contributed to the fatal accident.

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