nobody movie_Ram Gopal Varma calls Jersey’s disastrous box-office hit a sign of “the death of remakes” and applauds the decision to dub films like KGF Chapter 2 and others


Ram Gopal Varma calls “Jersey’s disastrous fate” a sign of the “death of remakes, Deets Inside” (Credit: Instagram/Poster from the film)

Ram Gopal Varma is a popular Indian director who has presented the audience with several hits in the past. The filmmaker isn’t shy about naming a spade, and he did just that through a recent series of tweets. He called the makers of Shahid Kapoor’s jersey and predicted that the era of remakes was now over. He also praised the South Indian film industry for showcasing hits like Pushpa, RRR and KGF: Chapter 2.

For the layman, Shahid’s new film is a make new a national award-winning Telugu film starring Nani. The film is well received by the masses, but the box office figures are slightly affected Good work KGF: Chapter 2, which released just a week before the sports drama.

In the most recent development, Ram Gopal Varma has looked at Jersey’s “catastrophic fate” within himself and called it the end of Bollywood remakes. “The disastrous fate of JERSEY Hindi film signals the DEATH of REMAKES for the simple reason that it has been proven multiple times that dubbed films like #Pushpa #RRR #KGF2 perform much better than originals when the content is good #DeathOfRemakes”, he tweeted.

“If Nani’s original Telugu JERSEY had been dubbed and released it would have only cost the producers 10 lakhs while the Hindi remake would have cost 100 cr resulting in a huge loss of money, time, effort and the face of #DeathOfRemakes.” would have led,” continued Ram Gopal Varma.

“Following the monstrous successes of dubbed films like #Pushpa, #RRR and #KGF2, no southern film with good content will be sold for remake rights as both the content and the regional stars are liked by Hindi audiences #DeathOfRemakes” , he added.

“Bollywood is now being ducked from both the front and the back as they don’t seem to know how to make smash hits nor can they hope to survive remaking Southern movies because no one will sell them the REMAKE rights #DeathOfRemakes” another tweet mentioned in Ram Gopal Varma’s tirade.

Discussing that South Indian dubbed films are now doing well, Ram Gopal Varma wrote: “The moral of the story is that it is wise to release dubbed films rather than remake them because it is obvious that the audience will get along with it.” any face or subject from anywhere as long as they care #DeathOfRemakes”

Ram Gopal Varma called remakes “COVID virus” and concluded: “TELUGU and KANNADA films have INFECTED Hindi films like a COVID VIRUS. Hoping BOLLYWOOD will come out with a VACCINE soon 💐.”

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