nobody movie_Opinion: Reason for Pawan Kalyan’s failure


Pawan Kalyan is a failure in politics. It requires no political knowledge or the baseline survey to understand the reason for its failure. So far he has not won an election.

He has not been joined by a new major leader of any party in the past eight years. Apart from Nadendla Manohar, nobody from his party is known to the public.

Pawan Kalyan says, “People come to my meetings but only vote for YCP.” This is the correct observation of his. But he doesn’t seem to think much about his constituents.

The real voters are the poor, the downtrodden, the backward, who don’t get constant media coverage.

The leader should go and touch their hearts, but he should not come to a conclusion by looking at the crowds at his meetings.

All the crowds that come to his meetings are either his fans or the young film buffs. The majority of them are not voters because of the age limit. Although the remaining vote is for him, the Count Hadley helps him score.

The fans consider Pawan Kalyan as their favorite hero but they cannot muster the knowledge or wisdom to make him a successful leader. Their patronage at the meetings they give at the theater doesn’t work in politics.

Also, Pawan Kalyan is branded as the person who is in Chandrababu Naidu’s pocket. He never criticizes Chandrababu but spits poison at Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Here we have to understand one thing. Although Sunil tried to become a hero who built a six pack abs, the public only saw him as a comedian.

Pawan Kalyan should understand that. He needs to focus on things he was made for. Otherwise he ends up as a permanent loser.

Samyukta Dantuluri

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