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Of Doug Norrie
| 2 months ago

I don’t think anyone would have thought that Bob Odenkirk an action star who doesn’t exactly look like the type you’d imagine on the big screen, with a range of martial arts skills and heavy weapons knowledge. But that’s kind of the reason Nobody worked the first time. It gave us a low profile guy who happens to get dragged back into the assassin game, and the flick has paid off in full. Now Giant Freakin Robot has the exclusive of ours trusted and proven source that nobody 2 is a hit and we’ll be getting more Hutch Mansell.

Although there are few other details above nobody 2 and what we might expect from this film, it’s easy to ponder where it could at least pick up. The first film left us in a place that definitely screamed “to be continued,” done on purpose to keep things a little open-ended without detracting from the first story at all. There was a small nod that Odenkirks Mansell might rejoin the government agent mix on a more full-time basis, but it didn’t end up affecting much of the first film’s plot structure.

In Nobody, We were introduced to Odenkirk as Mansell, a retired government assassin who has lived a very boring and mundane civilian life. His past is mostly a mystery, especially to his children and co-workers, who see him as an ineffective dimwit, someone who can’t even defend his own family when their home is broken into. But the building tension that he can no longer contain his deadly abilities boils over in an epic fight that puts him squarely in the crosshairs of the Russian mob. It’s a pretty insular story, albeit in a way, like John Wick, you feel like we have a much, much bigger world here and the first film has only scratched the surface.

nobody 2

While it’s far from confirmed, we’ve been able to see many of the main plays again nobody 2 For starters, this first film overlaps with John Wick was no coincidence. The film was written by Derek Kolstad who created this Keanu Reeves-led franchise. And we got to see Ilya Naishuller in the director’s chair again. The cast also came out of the first film mostly intact. Connie Nelsen played his wife Becca, and there was Gage Munroe and Paisley Cadora as their two children. Also, we could bring back Christopher Lloyd as Hutch’s badass father, and RZA captured the end of the film as Harry, Hutch’s brother. A post-credits scene from the first film suggested these two were just starting to rearm.

All in all always one nobody 2 is fantastic news for a franchise that could really thrive here. Bob Odenkirk was perfect in the role, obviously no longer a nobody himself but potentially at risk of encountering enemies from the past. As John Wick, There are a number of ways this film and franchise can go from here.

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