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Screenwriter Derek Kolstad reveals he already has an opening scene in mind for the potential Nobody 2 sequel to Bob Odenkirk’s action film.

Nobody Screenwriter Derek Kolstad reveals he already has an opening scene in mind for a sequel that has the potential nobody 2. Kolstad who created that John Wick franchisefocuses on another unstoppable protagonist for Nobody. Directed by Ilya Naishuller, the film will be helmed by Bob Odenkirk as Hutch. The star of Better call Saul portrays a seemingly ordinary guy who becomes the target of a dangerous drug lord after helping a stranger who is being harassed by a group of men.

Since its release in March and continuing its VOD and digital release on April 16th Nobody has garnered much attention and received generally positive reviews. This has led to questions about whether Odenkirk could return to the role of Hutch for a second appearance. While that remains to be seen, Kolstad notes that he’s already considering a sequel.


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During an interview with collidersKolstad mentioned that he already has an opening scene in mind for the possible sequel, nobody 2. The screenwriter’s revelation came during his statement, as he pitched Nobody to Odenkirk. Kolstad made it clear that if a sequel went ahead, it would stick to the template set in the first film. You can read Kolstad’s quote below:

Do you remember the first scene in the movie? That was the first thing I ever suggested to Bob in the meeting because I had this dream the night before. And I told Sonia, my wife, before the meeting, she said you have to start with that. I opened that and Bob says, ‘You’re freaking high, aren’t you?’ And so on the second one I have the opening scene. And we all just giggle and cluck when you see this thing because it fits. And I always want to start that way.

Nobody burns money

Hutch’s saga ends as a full story, taking care to leave the door for future installments. In which Nobody movie endThough he seems largely ready to settle down with his family again, Odenkirk’s character can’t quite resist the pull of his former life when it calls. Rather than simply repeating familiar beats, a second installment could shed light on Hutch’s secret career before he became a suburban dad. It could also shed light on the feature’s wide range of formidable assassins, as a mid-credits scene suggests, including Christopher Lloyd’s retired FBI agent. On another front nobody 2 could address some of the criticisms of the first film by including Hutch’s wife Becca (Connie Nielsen) more in the story rather than keeping her on the sidelines. Almost an hour and a half of running time scratched, Nobody leaves much on the table that could be explored as more entries are announced.

Still, it’s evident from these recent comments that there is an awareness of what makes the film such a pleasure to watch. Nobody was helped his connection to John Wick, in addition to the common thematic elements. But ultimately, success boils down to the simple pleasure of watching Odenkirk play dudes in a helpfully confident story. If this energy is retained for the potential nobody 2as Kolstad hints, it’s possible that fans of killers and elaborate fight scenes will have another franchise to add to the subgenre’s ever-growing list.

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