nobody movie_Mike Myers’ honest opinion on the love guru might surprise you

Sexual humor is nothing new to Mike Myers. Heck, the Austin Powers franchise is based on the sex-obsessed antics of a horny British spy. The Love Guru has no shortage of sex jokes either, but where Austin Powers seemed charming, The Love Guru seemed immature and lazy. Famous film critic Roger Ebert wrote that the film “may have been written on toilet walls by immature youths”. In the meantime, Rich called it “so deafeningly unamusing that you seriously wonder if you were mistaken in ever finding Myers funny.”

In a 2014 interview with GQHowever, Myers revealed that she has no regrets about The Love Guru. “I just do things, and sometimes things go well,” Myers said. “But there’s a lot in this movie ‘The Love Guru’ that I’m really, really proud of comedically. I totally recognize that he didn’t hit an audience … I just love doing stuff, dude, you know, you can’t be too clingy and you can’t be too clingy.”

It’s an admirable feeling, to be sure. Nobody should let criticism stop them from being creative. Unfortunately, it’s not a vibe that’s guaranteed to produce anything good. Things certainly haven’t worked out for Myers in recent years. His latest project is called a Netflix series “The Pentaverate”, currently has similarly low rating scores. Hopefully the bad review streak can be broken though, if “Austin Powers 4” finally sees the light of day.

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