nobody movie_Marvel fans have mixed feelings about Bad Bunny’s El Muerto movie


Sony’s CinemaCon panel brought to the table a series of big announcements that caused the internet to crash for a variety of reasons. Of course, most of the attention has fallen to the superhero side of things, with the unveiling of Bad Bunny headlining on The dead standalone film that comes straight out of the blue.

The studio has Kraven the Hunter and Mrs. Netz on the way next year during poison 3 has recently become officialbut poor disease was left out in the cold for now. However, The dead was met with a mixture of skepticism and enthusiasm online for various reasons, not the least of which is Sony’s call for a solo project to be given to a character most viewers have never heard of.

As you can see from the reactions below, opinions on the news are divided right down the middle, but still Bad Bunny’s ascendant film career has added another significant notch by securing top billing in a big-budget superhero project.

poison 3 was always guaranteed, but the rest of Sony’s Spider-Man universe is taking shape in rather unexpected ways. Lots of people knew disease would hardly set the world on firewhile the comic book origins of Madame Web hardly sound like the basis for an adventure led by the telegenic Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney.

The dead is certainly not what we expected, but perhaps for now we should decide when in doubt, unless of course Sony’s next series of Marvel adaptations proves to be of a similar quality as disease.

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