nobody movie_Manju Warrier threw Dileep’s cellphone with evidence into river, witness says

Kochi: In a bizarre turn of events, witness testimony has revealed that Malayalam actor Manju Warrier, who is also actor Dileep’s ex-wife, threw his phone into the Aluva River containing crucial evidence in the case. Dileep is accused of being the mastermind behind the 2017 actor assault case in which a citation gang kidnapped and sexually assaulted an actress.

The crime department will question Manju again to confirm the validity of the statement.

According to witnesses, the phone contained messages and pictures proving that Dileep actually harbored a grudge against the actor-survivor, and upon seeing this, Manju threw the phone into the river in a fit of rage.

It was also mentioned that Manju met with many in the film industry to find out if there was any truth behind what she saw on the phone. However, no one cooperated except for the survivor.

Criminal Investigation believes that Dileep got angry with the survivor afterwards and decided to take revenge.

Manju is said to have even contacted a close relative of Kavya Madhavan, Dileep’s current wife, to gather more information.

The police investigation team checked actor Kavya Madhavan’s safe deposit box at a private bank in Panampilly Nagar in Kochi on Tuesday. The locker was reportedly checked in response to allegations that images of the attack by the actor’s kidnappers had been leaked from court custody.

Separate police teams searched the locker in the morning and evening. The police kept a low profile when it came to questions about the items recovered from the locker.

Meanwhile, the Crime Branch team has concluded that during questioning, Kavya denied many things for which the police have clear evidence. Therefore, the investigative team plans to re-interrogate Kavya.

On February 17, 2017, the renowned actor was sexually assaulted by a gang in a moving car near Kochi. Subsequently, the gang members and Dileep were arrested. Dileep is believed to have been the mastermind behind the sensational crime.

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