nobody movie_Kevin Spacey, accused of sexual molestation, sneaks back into the movie with a starring role in a historical drama

Kevin Spacey – Credit: Steven Senne/AP

Kevin Spacey has booked another film role as an actor — who was accused from sexual harassment and unwanted advances by several men – keeps sneaking into the film industry.

When meeting Spacey is reportedly set to star in the historical drama, 1242, a joint production from Great Britain, Hungary and Mongolia. Spacey will play Cardinal Cesareani, a papal representative who arrives at the Hungarian fortress of Esztergom as Genghis Khan’s grandson Batu prepares for a final attack that could potentially pave the way for an invasion of Europe.

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Filming is set to begin this October in Mongolia, with veteran Hungarian filmmaker Péter Soós directing. In addition to Spacey, the film will also star Eric Roberts and Christopher Lambert. Representatives of the film’s other stars did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Although Deadline notes that Terence Stamp was cast in the film, its reps said Rolling Stone he is not involved in any way.

During 1242 is arguably Spacey’s biggest film role since allegations against him in 2017, it’s far from his first. Last year he worked with an Italian director Franco Nero next The man who drew God, about a blind artist who pulls people out of his voice and is wrongly accused of sexually abusing a child (Nero starred, while Spacey was cast in a small role as a police officer; Faye Dunaway also starred in the movie with) . As of now, there is no official release date for The man who drew God.

Also, Spacey was reportedly working on a movie called Peter five eight last year. The film is being directed by Michael Zaiko Hall, although there are currently no details on the plot or the size of Spacey’s role in the film.

Spacey is currently facing one Lawsuit filed by Anthony Rappwho became the first person to publicly accuse Spacey of sexual misconduct in 2017. rap first sued Spacey in September 2020, who claimed Spacey attacked him in a Manhattan apartment after befriending him when they were both working on Broadway. Rapp claimed a visibly intoxicated Spacey picked him up, laid him on a bed, climbed on top of him and made sexual advances before Rapp could escape. Spacey has denied the allegations.

Spacey has faced some other legal steps, although not many have come to fruition. 2019 he has pleaded not guilty Charges of indecent assault and assault over an incident in 2016 in which he allegedly put his hand down the pants of an 18-year-old man and grabbed his genitals; However, those charges were dropped after the alleged victim denied a civil suit. Another lawsuit, filed by a John Doe, was stayed after the alleged victim’s death in September 2019.

(A few months after Doe’s death, another Spacey prosecutor, author and former Norwegian Royal Ari Behn, died by suicide at the age of 47. Behn had taken no legal action against Spacey.)

Rolling Stone has reached out to Rapp and others who have accused Space of sexual assault or misconduct for comment 1242 Casting News.

After the charges against Spacey were announced in 2017, it seemed like his film career was over and he would be banned from sharing strange holiday video messages every year from home. In the wake of the allegations was Spacey digitally replaced by Christopher Plummer in All the money in the worldNetflix cut him off house of cardsand the Gore Vidal biopic, in which he starred, has been shelved.

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