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Kochi: Actor Kailash revealed a bad experience that late screenwriter John Paul faced. When John Paul fell out of bed, no one in the family helped take him to the hospital, Kailash lamented.

Speaking to Mathrubhumi News, he claimed that the fire department also refused the request for help.

Kailash’s Facebook post about John Paul’s horrific experience sparked heated discussions on social media. In the midst of this, the actor came up with a statement for the social media post.

“The incident happened in January. When I arrived in Kochi, I received a call from producer Jolly Joseph, a close friend of John Paul’s. He asked me to reach John Paul’s apartment immediately. When I got there, John Paul, sir, was seen lying on the ground. He asked us not to pick him up as he had problems with his backbone. We were calling an ambulance when John Paul sir told us to get a stretcher. But the ambulance staff refused our request, saying they only serve to take patients to hospitals. We later contacted the fire department, but they also refused to show up and asked us to call an ambulance,” Kailash said.

Kailash described the incident and recalled the pain felt by John Paul’s wife.

“Finally we contacted the police control center. Two police officers reached John Paul’s home but found it was impractical to lift him. John Paul, sir, fell out of bed about 10 o’clock. Police reached his home after 12 p.m. He sat on the floor for more than 2 hours. We finally got a stretcher after an ambulance from the medical center arrived there. We all stood there helplessly for hours,” Kailash recalled.

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