nobody movie_It’s Morbin time – Morbius is taking over Twitch for some reason

If you are not familiar with this, disease is the latest non-Marvel Studios, non-MCU Marvel film from Sony. Following the trend poisonit takes a traditional Spiderman Villain, in this case Dr. Michael Morbius, vampire on the loose, and gives him a movie to star in. It’s widely accepted that it’s not particularly good, but it’s become a ridiculous internet meme for some reason. This is thanks in large part to made-up catchphrases like “It’s Morbin Time,” horrible image macros, and general goofiness.

This has peaked over the past 24 hours as the memes spread to Twitch, where various accounts streamed the film 24/7 until the channels shut down. As Dave Oshry, CEO of publisher New Blood, put it Twitter

Because of me. Some of the streams have been taken offline, but some remain. The chats are spammed with nonsense disease Memes and often ASCII images of penises. They stream to often cited games like artifact. Everyone is having a wonderful time without end.

There is something untenably beautiful about the absolute embrace the film receives without any love for what it actually is. Some debate whether this is all an incredibly cunning marketing ploy by those behind the film who, knowing they had a stinker on their hands, handled it a bit oddly. It certainly has more cultural staying power than various blockbuster releases because it can’t be spoiled, no one cares what actually happens, and no one actually wants to see it in any legal capacity.

Fascinating. Strange. This is twitch.

Written by Ben Barrett on behalf of GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN.

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