nobody movie_Inside Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s NIGHTMARE behavior on set including angry tantrums, refusal to film and crew lockout

TEENS Mum Kailyn Lowry has expressed her feelings towards filming the show as she shut down MTV producers on last night’s episode.

The reality star recently announced that her time is up teenage mom 2 had “run its course,” and she doesn’t plan to return next season.


Kailyn Lowry lashed out at MTV producers after claiming she’s tired of filming.Photo credit: MTV
During the season finale, Kailyn refused to talk about most of her personal life when answering questions from producers


During the season finale, Kailyn refused to talk about most of her personal life when answering questions from producersPhoto credit: MTV

Kailyn didn’t hold back at Tuesday night’s season finale as she seemed to snap at everyone in her path.

In one scene, the mother-of-four snapped at her assistant and BFF Kristen Hook after ordering them salads for lunch instead of a high-carb dish.

Upon seeing the contents of the takeout box, Kailyn yelled “Ew!” before complaining to her assistant about the food choices.

“No one wants to eat frigging salads. If you order something, it’s because you want to eat like shit,” she grumbled.

Teenage mum Kailyn Lowry is reneging on her reunion after the star was slammed by viewers
Teen Mom Kailyn mocked for accepting a new NSFW gig after saying she'd quit the MTV show

The TV star’s girlfriend quickly shifted the conversation to her children, prompting producers to ask about her relationship with her new baby brother.

Kailyn’s ex, Chris Lopez, the father of her two youngest sons, Lux, four, and Creed, one, welcomed a son named Trew Christopher with his partner in December.

However, the young mother refused to talk about her baby daddy or her sons’ half-brother.

Kailyn also closed more questions about her defamation lawsuit against co-star Briana DeJesus after Kristen asked for updates on the case.

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“I don’t talk about that,” Kailyn replied with a disgusted look on her face.

“Can we talk about the holidays?” the producers asked, scouting for content to discuss in front of the cameras.

However, Kailyn again refused to speak out on the subject as well as her upcoming trip.

One producer sarcastically replied, “Okay, that doesn’t give us much to talk about,” though Kailyn disagreed, replying, “I’ve just been talking so much.

Things got even more tense later in the episode when Kailyn revealed that she was tired of only filming the negative things in her life when the crew arrived at her podcast studio.

When the crew showed up, they told the star, “It’s our last day.” Looking relieved, she replied, “Thank goodness.”

“I’m not respected”

One of the producers asked her flatly, “What are your problems filming this show?”

Kailyn spat back, “Everything I do is like babysitting and watching. As they are [producers] chasing me to talk about my little dads.”

The 30-year-old then compared her experience on the show to that of her co-star and ex-BFF Leah Messerwho also has several baby fathers.

“Where is Leah? [Messer] we’re talking about corey [Simms] and Jeremy [Calvert]’ she asked, referring to the fathers of her MTV co-star’s daughters.

“I don’t want to give you things that I do if I’m not as respected as they are,” Kailyn continued.

The 16-year-old and pregnant alum also mentioned her on-going romance with ex-husband Javi Marroquin, explaining that she doesn’t want the details of their relationship on camera.

“And then you guys want me to elaborate on the possibility of Javi and Kail getting back together. So come on, why would I want to film this?

“MTV will fire me after that,” she said.

Executive producer Larry Musnik tried to defuse the situation with Kailyn claiming she was “fired”.

Larry explained, “You have four boys. three fathers And many moving pieces.”

In addition to her two sons, whom she shares with Chris, Kailyn is also a mother to 8-year-old son Lincoln with Javi and 12-year-old son Isaac with her ex Jo Rivera.

The TV personality confessed that she wants to share her private life on screen, but it makes her “nervous” to reveal certain aspects.

Kailyn, who took a sabbatical from filming during the season, admitted she still did podcasts during the break.

She revealed, “I make more money podcasting than Teen Mom.”

Although Larry said he was “proud” of their success, he also noted that “the show made it happen.”

Kailyn didn’t seem to appreciate her teenage mom roots as she held them up Middle finger with the producers and said “I love you” in a sarcastic tone.

She also locked out the crew several times throughout the episode because she didn’t feel like filming.


Teen Mom fans said they’ve had enough of Kailyn’s attitude lately and tore the star apart in one Reddit Thread.

The original poster called her a “rude a***,” while another agreed, adding that she was incredibly “disrespectful.”

As fans called for her to be fired from the show, one angry user wrote: “A grown woman insulting people trying to do her job! She’s really pathetic.”

Another said Kailyn “tries so hard to be cool/tough”.

A third called her “whole attitude immature”.

Others said she was completely “deaf” to real life and that it wasn’t “fair” to “boss her employer around”.

“I think she’s going to have a rude awakening when her job with MTV is done,” warned one Redditor.

Kailyn has been part of the reality TV franchise since her episode of 16 and Pregnant aired 12 years ago.


Her apparent indifference to her future with the MTV series in the Teen Mom season finale trailer comes as fans speculate about it she is ready with the broadcast.

Just one of her latest Instagram questions and answers fueled this rumor.

A fan asked her if she had the opportunity for her own show, would she take it?

Kailyn replied, “I think that’s the only way I would push reality TV.”

She went on to say that there was a lot of drama on the show and that she wasn’t the only one creating drama.

fans accepted Reddit to discuss if they think Kailyn will return to the show.

“Sounds like Kail has no intentions of going back to being a teenage mom (many viewers thought she would return by now)” they captioned the thread.

This has made fans leave their opinions, with many believing that she is leaving the show for good.

“So …. That’s a no, never,” said one fan.

Kailyn had also teased that her time with the network might end when asked about MTV’s plans to revamp the franchise.

Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 are reportedly merging into one show after ratings plummeted.


After speaking about the new show on Facebook and seeing comments from many fans, Kailyn told them where she stands.

“From now on, I won’t be on the new show‘ she told a fan.

Last month, Kailyn reiterated her sentiments perez hiltonShe told the celebrity blogger that she didn’t want to continue the show.

She revealed: “Right now, the way I see it, I just don’t want to.”

Kailyn too chose to skip the Teen Mom 2 reunion as a trailer from the special showed her tuning in from home.

Via video link, the reunion’s co-host Nessa Diab told her, “Wish you were here.”

But Kailyn replied curtly, “I’m glad I’m not.”

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When asked by fellow co-host Drew Pinksy, “Do you want to stay on the show?” She shrugged and looked away.

However, the coffee convos The co-host previously teased her followers about the idea of ​​her own spin-off show entitled Kail and the Chaos.

Kailyn also felt like she was being pursued by producers to talk about their baby dads


Kailyn also felt like she was being pursued by producers to talk about their baby dadsCredit: Instagram/kaillowry
In a trailer for the reunion special, Kailyn tuned in via webcam when she decided not to appear in person


In a trailer for the reunion special, Kailyn tuned in via webcam when she decided not to appear in personPhoto credit: MTV
She recently announced that she has left the show and has no plans to return for next season


She recently announced that she has left the show and has no plans to return for next seasonPhoto credit: MTV

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