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That Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been openly inspired by other films, and most recently Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was clear influenced by the iconic comedy horror Evil Death II. However, as a second Doctor Strange film is the 28th release in the MCU, there are clear strands of DNA from classic films in all of the previous 27 films as well.

From the very first MCU film, iron man, Marvel Studios has used classic films as blueprints for their releases. And even if any of the superhero films didn’t have any outside influence, there are some fascinating unintended parallels between them and decades-old classics. MCU’s Phase One films are these classics in disguise, whether it’s a classic war film, a satirical action gorefest, or a spectacular alien invasion film.


Iron Man (2008) – The Great Escape (1963)

Steve McQueen in The Great Escape.

Even though Marvel would never make the choice todaysince the studio did not belong to Disney in 2008, iron man is essentially a war film, and the current events of the time were a huge inspiration for the screenplay. With Tony Stark being a prisoner of war for the first act of the first MCU film and secretly working on an escape route while working for the enemy, there is no better match than the classic war film. The Great Escape.

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The 1963 classic follows a group of soldiers who are in a German POW camp during World War II and try to escape. The film is a three-hour epic, and for the first two hours they devise meticulous (and sometimes hilarious) ways to keep secret the fact that they’re digging a 330-foot tunnel. The final hour follows the soldiers as they attempt to evade German police and flee the country.

The Incredible Hulk (2008) – King Kong (1933)

King Kong defends itself against attacking planes.

Before the MCU grew into a massive multiverse-spanning franchise filled with space odyssey and time travel, there were many deeper themes with simpler narratives. Along with iron man to be a war film at its core, The incredible Hulk shares DNA with old-school monster movies where the title characters feel ugly, unloved, and unjustly ostracized from society because of their looks.

The superhero movie could be related to any old monster movie though King Kong shares many of the same themes. Most notably, Hulk, like Kong, knows the destruction he’s capable of and actively seeks to flee from fights rather than lunge into them, unlike many other Avengers. The 2008 release is grossly underrated when it comes to the MCU, and the tragic take on the hero is What The incredible Hulk get right.

Thor (2011) – Highlanders (1986)

Although the Thor The series didn’t get off to a great start as the first film was criticized for being boring and monotonous both narratively and visually, but it did some things well. Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) fish-out-of-water mannerisms featured in the film are hilarious and have been a part of his character ever since. And Hemsworth’s commanding presence really fuels the notion that he’s a god capable of summoning thunder.

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highlanders is an epic fantasy adventure film full of formidable barbarian heroes and villains just like Thorand the immortal warriors resemble the god of thunder himself. The film will also get a major update in the coming months, since a highlanders Reboot is currently in development and go into production this year. And while Chris Hemsworth would have made a great Connor MacLeod, Henry Cavill will be playing the 16th-century immortal, and he’ll no doubt do an equally good job.

Iron Man 2 (2010) – Robo Cop (1987)

Alex points his gun at RoboCop

At first glance the first iron man The classic counterpart to film would be the action blockbuster RoboCop, as both films see a man in a metal super suit protecting a city from robots. But satire is at the core of RoboCop, and if director Paul Verhoeven were to make a film today, it would probably be a satire of superhero films in general. However, more comedy and lower stakes sum it up perfectly iron man 2and the 2010 superhero film has a lot more in common with the 80’s action film than its predecessor.

Although the film introduces Black Widow, it’s pretty inconsequential in the timeline, and it is a filler MCU movie that can be skipped, but it’s still packed with hilarious one-liners and explosive action sequences. And that’s what the 1987 Ultraviolent film is about.

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) – The Dirty Dozen (1967)

The dirty dozen

As well as Thor‘s future movies that Captain America Series changed drastically as the two sequels were thrilling political spy action movies. But based on Captain America: The First Avengerno one would have guessed the trajectory of the series as the 2011 film is a historical war drama.

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When not entertaining soldiers with song and dance, the film sees Steve Rogers in action during World War II. But he’s not alone, he has a crew just as heroic as he is. Steve, who rescues soldiers from the prisoner of war camp, is one of them best action sequences in phase one of the MCUand it is very reminiscent of The dirty dozen. The 1967 film follows 12 soldiers as an unlikely team and forced to parachute across enemy lines, almost like a reversal The Great Escape.

The Avengers (2012) – Independence Day (1996)

The explosion in the White House on Independence Day.

The Avengers was unprecedented at the time as it was an epic four-movie crossover starring Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk, along with the introduction of tons of new characters that would soon become fan favorites. But with all that gone, it’s an alien invasion movie massively akin to popcorn fun independence Day.

The 1996 classic is one of them Most rewatchable alien invasion moviesand like the 2012 superhero blockbuster, it sees famous American landmarks blown up and is full of sarcastic one-liners. The Avengers is one of the biggest event films of all time, and by the time it was released it was breaking daily box office records. independence Day broke several records of its own and was the highest-grossing film of 1996 Box office mojo.

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