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Doctor Strange 2 features a grand Avengers showdown that eventually settles a “who’s stronger” debate that originally arose with WandaVision.

Warning! SPOILERS for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Marvel is new Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has hit theaters and has finally settled the debate over which Avenger is the strongest between Captain Marvel and the Scarlet Witch. While the debate first started in earnest with Marvel’s WandaVisionthe new Doctor Strange Sequel officially pits Wanda Maximoff against the powers of Captain Marvel (even if the wielder is different than expected). In a brutal showdown, there is indeed an ultimate victor at the end of the new MCU film.

Based on their respective exploits during the final battle of Avengers: Endgamethere was some discussion in WandaVision about which Avenger was stronger: Scarlet Witch or Captain Marvel by Carol Danvers. SWORD agent Monica Rambeau claimed no one got that close to him Killing Thanos like the Scarlet Witch did, and that she would have succeeded if the Mad Titan hadn’t fired on his own army to rid himself of her power. However, FBI Agent Jimmy Woo argued that Captain Marvel was just as close with her formidable cosmic strength and power. While the debate was ultimately dropped, the interaction does indicate that both Avengers received their powers from Infinity Stones. Wanda’s powers were unlocked by the Mind Stone, with Carol coming from the Space Stone. As such, it seemed like they were fairly balanced.


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Finally, Doctor Strange 2 answers the question of who would win thanks to the Darkhold’s corruption of the Scarlet Witch and their brutal fight Doctor Strange 2 with members of the Illuminati who stood in her way. Set on the alternate Earth 838, this universe features Monica’s mother Maria as Captain Marvel, believed to have received powers from the Space Stone in place of Carol Danvers. Wanda brutally murders every member of the Illuminati, including the Inhuman King Black Bolt and Reed Richards’ Mr. Fantastic. While the Captain Marvel of Earth-838 put up the biggest fight, she too was killed after Wanda crushed her under a massive statue, confirming that the Scarlet Witch is indeed the more powerful being.


Although the specific carrier was different, nothing indicated it Maria Rambeau’s powers as Captain Marvel were smaller or larger than the original Captain Marvel of Earth-616. The notable wrinkle in the showdown, however, was that the Earth-616 Scarlet Witch dreamwalked, effectively playing Earth-838’s Wanda as a puppet to fight the Illuminati who stood in her way. While her powers didn’t appear to be reduced or increased either, the Scarlet Witch may have had the downside of having to focus more to keep the alternate Wanda in check (and she still beat Captain Marvel).

Though it didn’t happen in a way that was previously expected Doctor Strange 2, the showdown between the Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel is still impressive. It also shows how much Wanda was corrupted by the Darkhold in her desire to reunite with her lost children as she was willing to commit murder. Regardless, in the midst of a movie that’s admittedly full of questions in the multiverse, getting an answer on Scarlet Witch vs. Captain Marvel is pretty satisfying Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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