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The Wild is a Disney-produced film about a couple of animals who escape from the Central Park Zoo and embark on an adventure that will take them home. Just a year after the DreamWorks film Madagascar (in which a group of spoiled animals from the very same zoo are forced to spend time in the wild), he was immediately dismissed as a pale imitation. “Madagascar” wasn’t exactly a critical hit, but it wasn’t a total failure. “The Wild” has now been panned almost everywhere and got away with it Rotten tomatoes Result of only 19%.

However, the negative reactions ran much deeper than the observation that “The Wild” was similar to “Madagascar”. The Austin Chronicle had particular problems with the lack of quality jokes and engaging plot elements. That BBC was frustrated with the constant attempts to introduce new sidekicks, resulting in an exhausting and underwhelming viewing experience. Even if “Madagascar” never existed, “The Wild” would not have been successful. The only good thing about this film is William Shatner’s lively singing performance as the nefarious wildebeest Kazar.

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