nobody movie_Deputy suspended after video shows beatings during arrest in Kershaw County, SLED investigating

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) — A Kershaw County Sheriff’s Deputy is being investigated by SLED after being suspended Monday.

The Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) drug unit has arrested a suspect as part of an investigation. A video circulating on the Internet shows a deputy hitting the man with a closed fist when he was arrested.

Neither KCSO nor SLED has released the deputy’s name.

KCSO said in a statement that the MP was suspended after he saw video of the arrest of a man named Willie Crosby Monday afternoon.

“The video was brought to the attention of Sheriff Lee Boan. After viewing the video, the sheriff made the decision to immediately suspend the investigator and request SLED to investigate the entire incident.”

Boan told WIS he has been contacted by several people about the video. He shared that after seeing it, he suspended the MP who was seen hitting Crosby.

Boan shared that Willie was arrested a few weeks ago on warrants. During this incident, he attempted to escape and backed into a squad car while his young son was in his vehicle.

He was arrested Monday on charges of possessing with intent to distribute marijuana, failing to stop at flashing lights, resisting arrest, not having an SC driver’s license and endangering children.

A representative of SLED said of the investigation, “SLED has been asked by the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office to investigate an incident of violence. More information may become available in the future as agents investigate further.”

Crosby’s attorney, Seth Rose, told WIS that Crosby had been granted $10,000 bail.

Crosby’s girlfriend and the mother of his child, Harlie Bannister, shot the video.

She said MPs arrived at their home and asked about Crosby.

Bannister said he was wearing boxers and MPs prevented him from going into a room to get dressed.

She said they put him on a couch and started getting physical, which prompted her to film the incident.

“All three were on top of him and they had his hands and he couldn’t move. That’s when I realized that if my camera hadn’t been outside, there was no telling how bad it could have been,” she said.

WIS met her outside MUSC hospital in Kershaw, where she told WIS he was being evaluated for a concussion, jaw injuries and shoulder injuries.

“I don’t want anyone to have to go through this. I don’t want anyone – I can only imagine the families who have lost someone to police brutality because if I had lost them it would have really hurt me. Nobody deserves to go through something like that,” she said.

She said she continued to share the video that evening, attracting the attention of the Midlands.

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