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Nicolas Cage has taken another step to cement his place as one of the world’s most enigmatic acting talents by starring as himself in the latest film The unbearable weight of massive talent. Although many critics have pointed out that it’s getting old to deserve the Nick Cage meme, the film has delighted fans who have been blown away by the on-screen combination of Cage and Pedro Pascal.

The film follows Cage as he tries to cope with a low point in his career when opportunities aren’t coming his way. At such a point, an opportunity presents itself to perform at a billionaire’s party for $1 million, but things get really messy when it is revealed that the wealthy man is actually a notorious drug criminal.

In a new one interviewAuthor Kevin Etten revealed that the team wasn’t sure about landing Cage on their project based on rumors they’d heard: “We’re told Nick has done these projects before and he’s not wild about Nick being Nick . And we weren’t two guys who had a huge work to point to and say, ‘No, trust us.’”

Because of these fears, the team considered casting other big names for the role, like Christian Bale or even Daniel Day-Lewis. While these casting decisions would certainly have taken the film in new directions, The unbearable weight of massive talent is as Nicolas Cage as a film can be.

“There were times when I think I tried harder than Tom to talk myself into having different ideas,” Etten added. “The only really good idea – I don’t know who came up with it – was to have either Christian Bale or Daniel Day-Lewis play Nick Cage. But really, no. No one else who really has a mix of his super high talent and the good will of the people who want him [succeed].”

Check out the new trailer below.

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