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The coronavirus pandemic and subsequent quarantine protocols saw people around the world trying to explore creative possibilitieswith director Rob Savage Developing, filming and releasing the horror film host and earn recognition from the genre community. The success of the adventure led to Blumhouse productions noted when they hired him to develop a new film, with the resulting experience dash cam. After being shown at various festivals, dash cam has now earned an official release date, with the film’s just-released trailer teasing the horror of the experience. Check out the trailer below dash cam before it hits theaters and on-demand on June 3.

In the film, Amid lockdown, musician Annie live-streamed with her fans, recording her comments and turning them into rap lyrics as she drives through downtown Los Angeles. Angered by her pandemic lifestyle, Annie flees to the UK to visit her old bandmate Stretch, who is livestreamed all the time. Her arrival and behavior fuel the disdain of Stretch’s girlfriend, and She causes chaos when she comes along at his job delivering groceries.

“After an argument, Annie runs away with Stretch’s car and phone and uses them to pick up his food, where she encounters a stranger who asks her for a delivery of a different kind: a frail elderly woman named Angela who is being followed Annie identifies with Angela’s plight, and with the added incentive of an envelope, she agrees to take Angela to a safe place out of town.

“Annie and Stretch soon find themselves caught up in a twisted plan with sinister forces at work, and as the night progresses and the chaos deepens, they must fight for their lives against a supernatural creature bent on making Annie their new hostess do.”

During host Savage was praised for emulating the experience of a seance on Zoom, Savage previously explained how this project served as a kind of spiritual follow-up, but that he doesn’t want to be known for just one style of film.

“I don’t want to be the Zoom guy,” Savage said shared with about a new movie Conversion to a different film format. “I love found footage and am really looking forward to working more in the found footage genre. That really spurred me on to do more in this area. I think if we were to do another Zoom movie and do it straight, just play in the same sandboxes as host, it will be a case of diminishing returns. So I think the idea that we have as a follow-up, that’s a follow-up, I wouldn’t call it a direct sequel, but it’s a spiritual sequel. And I don’t think anyone will see it coming. I think it will rise from what host did, and I think it will surprise a lot of people.”

dash cam hits theaters and on-demand on June 3rd.

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