nobody movie_Biggest Unanswered Questions in The Lion King

Mufasa’s brother and Simba’s uncle actually has a facial scar above his left eye. But why would anyone name a Baby Scar?

It’s possible that Scar’s scar is a birthmark, something he was born with; If that’s true, wow, his parents were mean. If your brother’s name is “Mufasa” and your name is “Scar” that will create tension – no wonder the guy is such an idiot.

If “Scar” is a nickname, which feels a lot more likely, it also raises follow-up questions. How did he get the scar? Was he involved in a fall or accident, or was he hit in the face by another animal? If so, who was it and what happened to them? Did Scar start calling himself that name, or did others mockingly give him that name and he just ended up adopting it?

Whichever scenario is true (if an official backstory exists among Disney animators, no one has explained it), both are equally unfortunate for the film’s villain and only seem to foreshadow his awkward path.

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