nobody movie_Better Call Saul Star Explains Jimmy and Howard’s Bizarre Boxing Scene

Better Call Saul star Patrick Fabian explains the boxing match between Howard and Jimmy in Season 6 Episode 5, aptly titled “Black and Blue.”

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Better call Saul season 6

Better call Saul Star Patrick Fabian explains the bizarre boxing match between Howard and Jimmy in Season 6 Episode 5. After various delays due to pandemic and Star Bob Odenkirk suffers a near-fatal heart attack on the set, the beloved breaking Bad Last month, the prequel series returned to AMC for its final Season 6. In the first five episodes of Season 6, Jimmy McGill and his faithful companion Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) carefully execute their master plan to sabotage Howard, HHM’s CEO.


By ruining Howard’s career, Jimmy and Kim achieve their primary goal Better call Saul Season 6 aims to force a settlement in Sandpiper Crossing’s class action lawsuit, which would result in a massive payday for the two attorneys. After stashing a bag of cocaine-like baby powder in his gym locker, Slippin Jimmy’s latest trick included dressing up as Howard, stealing his car and pretending to kick a sex worker in front of his legal partner Clifford Main. However, during the final episode, Howard catches wind and, tired of Jimmy’s antics since Season 1, challenges him to a boxing match to settle their differences once and for all. The two lawyers land a few punches at each other, although Howard ultimately emerges victorious after a punishing uppercut.

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In conversation with diversity, Fabian explained the bizarre boxing match from season 6, episode 5 entitled “Black and Blue” for obvious reasons. After detailing the intense preparation and choreography for the scene, which Odenkirk was already well accustomed to due to his role in the action film Nobody, Fabian went on to explain the context of the boxing scene within the show and how it turns the tables for the two characters. See what he said below:

“My first reaction was, ‘How about this?’ I started out as a lawyer in Season 1 and nobody – I mean nobody – predicted that I’d be in the ring with Jimmy McGill in Season 6. It’s deserved, it is kind of absurd but it’s not like it doesn’t make sense brawls have erupted where Howard has been literally the punching bag to Jimmy the whole time so it’s great to turn the tables.

Bob said, “He should be the guy who gets in the ring and plays in front of an imaginary audience.” Howard is educated and he’s a rule guy. He took up boxing because he had heard it was good for the cardiovascular system, and he probably heard another successful attorney say boxing was the right thing to do. So Howard bought all that stuff, got the best trainer in Albuquerque, then got involved and boxed quietly. So if he had his power lunch or was playing golf and was trying to strike a deal, he’d say, “Well, you know my coach when I box…” It’s another card Howard must draw to use his power and to demonstrate his status to someone else.”

Jimmy fights Howard in Better Call Saul

Many viewers were impressed by the bizarre Better call Saul Scene that didn’t seem to fit the tone of the show. So that the audience doesn’t forget that Better call Saul is a weirder show compared to his breaking Bad Predecessor. Previous seasons have been replete with memorable goofy moments, from a very suggestive talking toilet to the Chicago sunroof and the infamous squat cobbler. Season 6’s boxing match is a thinly veiled metaphor for Howard starting to fight back against Jimmy’s Sandpiper scam. After the boxing match, Howard hires a private investigator to track Jimmy and report any movement.

Gus Fring’s head of security, Mike Ehrmantraut, is already stalking Jimmy and Kim in hopes of catching Lalo Salamanca when he tries to reach his former legal representatives. Therefore, if they do their job well, the two sides will eventually clash. While the cartel business has largely remained separate in Season 6, it likely has Better call Saul will connect the two storylines as the show heads towards its Season 6 finale in just a few weeks, with this boxing conflict surely being just a taste of what’s to come.

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