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April saw the end ozarkand Better call Saul finally made it back to Netflix The final season will air on AMC. Now in the month of May, Netflix is ​​sure to see an increase in subscriber numbers stranger things dropping the first part of season 4 and many more TV shows to ease everyone’s impatience until then.

Of returning what was claimed like that of this generation Harry Potter Along with another crime miniseries based on a true story, here are the best shows to stream on Netflix in May.

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The insanely simple circle game continues in Season 4

The circle can only be described as a glorified popularity contest at its finest, but it’s also an addictive must-play. Part game show, part social experiment, The circle has its problematic properties. Essentially, the show puts players in an apartment building where they live apart as the competition progresses. Nobody can see each other face to face and is limited to profiles that players create for themselves. And yes, catfishing is involved.

The act of assuming a completely different personality isn’t a requirement for the competition, but it certainly increases players’ ratings, bringing them closer to the cash prize. If players rate each other, they will either be blocked or proclaimed as an “influencer”. If Gen Z could be defined as a game show, this would be it. While it can be stupidly trashy at times, it’s a show that relies on social media tactics and strategy to rake in $100,000 in what could be considered talent in its own right.

The Circle Season 4 starts on May 4th.

Is Clark just another retelling of a true crime?

Based on the true story of the man credited with the rise of “Stockholm Syndrome,” Clear tells the story of Clark Olofsson, who was involved in the 1973 robbery of Norrmalstorg in Stockholm, Sweden. Commonly known as the first “celebrity gangster,” the Swedish criminal is portrayed by Bill Skarsgård. The series is set to follow not only the events of the infamous robbery, but also the life of Olofsson and the lies that made him the face of Stockholm Syndrome.

Netflix seems to have a part to play with dramatic miniseries of manipulative criminals, but hopefully Clear is better than the last one. invent Anna was a big hit for Netflix, but sadly stooped with a feature-length story that spanned nine episodes. Nonetheless, Netflix sees a trend in people’s true crime confessions and will continue the series Clear.

Clark premieres on May 5th.

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Outlander reminds fans it’s still around with Season 5

It’s a glorious year for stranger Fans can look forward to Season 6, but there’s more good news. For all stranger Fans still holding on, Season 5 will do finally make it to Netflix this month. It’s been two years stranger Season 5 has aired and since then time has passed at its slowest pace. So if some fans have been hesitant to dive into Season 6, what finally focuses on trauma and Founding couple Jamie and Claireit might be worth revisiting Season 5 of the time-traveling drama streaming service.

Outlander Season 5 will be available on May 10th.

In Season 6, working moms just won’t stop working

Working Moms follows four unlikely friends who bond over their struggles with pursuing a career as a mother while also dealing with child and adult tantrums. On the surface it sounds like another Virgin River or Sweet magnolias that Netflix spat out, but it’s so much better. Whereas Virgin River and Sweet magnolias hold on to an innocent image of simple life to share with families, Working Moms turns the tide with its rawness and luxurious lifestyle that can only be understood from a privileged point of view.

Workin’ Moms Season 6 starts May 10th.

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law & order is still a booming success within its own fandom, but it’s about time a new legal drama took the spotlight. Input The Lincoln Attorneywhich has the potential to make a name for itself in the legal drama genre. The Lincoln Attorney follows a defense attorney in the Los Angeles area who, instead of having an office, works in his chauffeur-driven Lincoln Town Car. The show is based on the novel of the same name, which was first adapted into the 2011 film starring Matthew McConaughey as the Defender.

The Lincoln Lawyer premieres May 13.

Love, Death + Robots Season 3 makes a bizarre return

It has love, it has death, and it has robots. What more can viewers ask for? Love, Death + Robots returns to Netflix for a third season (confirmed by a recent trailer) to hopefully tell even stranger stories than the previous two seasons. The series is being developed and produced by director Tim Miller, who will Dead Pool, so he has a pretty consistent style that he works with. The series is expected to continue in its current format as an adult anthology series, featuring a different cast and crew in each episode, but it has also been confirmed that two story arcs from Season 1 will be carried over into Season 3.

Love, Death & Robots Season 3 starts May 20th.

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Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 has a terrifying new villain

The kids may look a lot older than they should be on screen, but no one cares stranger things is finally back. Although the series received quite a lot of criticism about it already in Season 3 strong reliance on 1980s nostalgiaCreators and writers of the Duffer Brothers trudge through the negativity until stranger things ends after Season 5. But considering that Season 4 is split into two parts and the show always has such long breaks between seasons, stranger things there will be some time.

With a similar budget to blockbuster films, stranger things Season 4 will certainly bring the horror element his mysterious new villain. Additionally, fans will be able to see all their favorite characters again, including Hopper (who the Duffer Brothers thought might fool fans into thinking he was dead). The latest trailer also features a seemingly powerless elf adjusting to her high school life. But in stranger things Fashion, normality never lasts long when the upside down is still below.

Season 4, Volume 1 of Stranger Things will premiere on May 27th.

Best New Shows on Netflix (April 2022)

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