nobody movie_Attention Steven Spielberg: You can film in Morristown, but it will cost you


Lighting! Camera! PERMITS!

Morristown is becoming a movie magnet. Patrick Dempsey, Morgan Freeman and sopranos star John White all scenes filmed last year here.

If they want to make sequels, they have to apply for permission.

On Tuesday, the city council unanimously approved a regulation regulate filming in the community.

Morgan Freeman at the Loyola Jesuit Center, location for scenes in Zach Braff’s “A Good Person,” November 16, 2021. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Production companies are charged $500 to apply, plus $500 per day of shooting. That is if the permit is requested a month in advance. For faster processing times, the application and daily fees increase to $1,000. Changes to permits cost $250.

Applicants must also provide proof of insurance—$1 million of personal injury coverage for each individual and $3 million for each aggregate event.

They must also agree to hire police, firefighters, or any other security personnel the police chief deems necessary.

The city clerk may refuse a permit if the police and other city authorities determine that filming would violate any law or regulation; “unreasonably disturb” the use or enjoyment of adjacent properties; unreasonably impede drivers or pedestrians; or otherwise endanger public safety, health or welfare.

Exceptions are news articles and solo handheld filmmakers. Students enrolled at a “bona fide educational institution” may also be eligible for a fee waiver if there is a note from a teacher or administrator that the filming is for educational purposes only and not for commercial purposes.

Cocoa co-directors John Bianco (“Gerry the Hairdo Torciano” in The Sopranos) and Joe Gawalis at the Masonic Lodge in Morristown, October 21, 2021. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

“There were many applications for filming”, Administrator Jillian Barrick said at the hybrid meeting. “So we really want to formalize the process, streamline it, and then add a fee to cover the cost of my time and[CityClerkMargo Kayes) time and all departments involved in the organization.”

Crowds flocked to Morristown in January 2021 for a look Grey’s anatomy Star Patrick Dempsey, filming scenes at Episcopal Church of St. Peter for a TV show that CBS later did shot down.

Video: Patrick Dempsey fans flock to Morristown filming for a glimpse of ‘McDreamy’:

New Jersey tax incentives and favorable COVID rules may have prompted New York film crews to come here during the pandemic, Barrick said.

quote actors Alec Baldwin’s deadly shots of a cameraman on a film set in New Mexico, Councilwoman Sandy Mayer asked if the city should be concerned about such dangers. Barrick said city police will review security issues for filming.

Parts of the ordinance imply that it applies only to public spaces in the city. But another passage asserts, “No one shall film or permit filming in the town of Morristown without a permit.”

The measure is scheduled to be adopted on May 10, 2022.


representative of Whippany River Watershed Action Committee thanked volunteers from churches, Boy Scout groups and Morristown High School for a March 26 cleanup that scooped up beer cans, tires, skis and a bicycle from the river.

“It felt very empowering to be really helping the environment in our own city,” he said Leslie Raff.

mayor Tim Dougherty praised Bethel AME Church and a nonprofit organization for their food distribution during the pandemic, but said better cleaning of this riverfront parking lot is needed to prevent trash from blowing into the waterway.

And Council President Stephen Armington police chief harassed Darnell Richardson Why no one has been fined for violating a 2016 bicycle ban on downtown sidewalks. The boss said cyclists stopped by police were on their way to work and were afraid to venture onto busy roads. Richardson said officials would step up enforcement if the council so desired.

Whippany River Cleanup in Morristown, May 26, 2022. Photo by Whippany River Watershed Action Committee. Screenshot by Kevin Coughlin

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