nobody movie_Andie MacDowell on MeToo: “I’ve Worked With So Many Difficult Men”

“It just freaked me out not seeing other women,” the actress said.

Andie MacDowell has been in Hollywood for nearly 40 years, but for the longtime star, it can still seem like “Groundhog Dog” when it comes to gender equality on set.

“I’ve worked with so many difficult men!” the actress recently recounted Marie Claire. “I’m really good with difficult men. I have a great education because I grew up in the South.”

The Sex, Lies, and Videotape star noted that while she usually “rolled things up” that #I also Movement changed the dynamic on set. “I’ve always been very good at not letting that affect me,” MacDowell said. “Sometimes I observe bad behavior and I feel sorry for the person who misbehaves because they have to suffer on some level to behave that way.”

The Maid actress recalled having a “kind of crazy experience” in 2016 when she hit a breaking point during a production. “[It was] shortly after Trump was elected. I was really concerned that nobody seemed to care about the vagina[-grabbing] Comment; I was really sad,” MacDowell said. “I went to do a job, a day job, and I had my first ever panic attack. I got ready to spin something and I turn around and it’s like a room full of men. Like a sea of ​​men. It flashed onto something that was personal to me. And I fell to my knees.”

MacDowell continued, “I left the room and went into this fake bathroom on set and looked at myself in the mirror and said, ‘Pull yourself together.’ It just freaked me out not seeing other women. It’s not that I have anything against men. I don’t! I just don’t like big groups of them. Since then I’ve become very conscious of looking around and finding the women on set to comfort me.”

She added: “#MeToo was interesting – you can see the difference on set. There are many more women.”

MacDowell didn’t have to look far to find the women behind addictive drama Good Girl Jane, which marks director Sarah Elizabeth Mintz’s feature debut. The film will premiere at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival, which begins next month in NYC. MacDowell is also directing upcoming British drama My Happy Ending, based on Anat Gov’s play about a famous actress who finds solace with three other women in a hospital.

That’s what the star has said before meeting that social justice cannot be achieved “quickly enough” and the focus should be on the “more important” Time’s Up movement.

“I don’t mean to belittle #MeToo in any way, but it’s more than that,” MacDowell said in 2018. “It’s also all these social issues. It’s also the fact that we haven’t had a woman president in this country. You have to stop and think about how crazy this is. We should be progressive. We are not.”

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