nobody movie_An accident, no one to blame: Radhakrishnan


Chennai: No human casualties were reported in the fire that broke out Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital (RGGGH), which later resulted in an explosion of the oxygen cylinders stored in the room.

Health Minister Ma Subramanian and Health Minister J Radhakrishnan visited the building, which houses a scan billing center, surgical shop, outpatient screening center for the elderly, septic ward, hepatology department, neurological ward and library, etc.

“Nursing staff immediately removed 33 patients, including three from intensive care, from the neurological ward where the fire broke out. Also, 10 cylinders were taken out of the station,” said Ma Subramanian.

“Because it is an old building, many patients were transferred to new blocks for neuro treatments. It was an unexpected accident,” he added.

Around 40 patients, including four on oxygen support, were rescued by firefighters. Three doctors and two nurses who were trapped inside the building suffered smoke inhalation. You are under medical supervision.

“We formed 3 squads with a health and fire brigade team to inspect the building. The Department of Public Works (PWD) is likely to inspect the structural safety of the 160-year-old building and assess the damage,” Health Minister J Radhakrishnan said.

He pointed out that all buildings in the hospital have fire safety precautions. “No one can be held responsible for this accident. The police will continue to investigate the cause,” he clarified.

During the plenary session, the Minister of Health announced that the block where the accident happened will be demolished and rebuilt.

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