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Famous actor Kenneth Tsang was found dead in a quarantine hotel in Hong Kong, Kowloon on Wednesday.

Health workers were conducting routine checks when Tsang, 86, failed to answer his door. The medical staff found him unconscious, South China tomorrow post reports.

Tsang had previously returned to Hong Kong from Singapore, so he was in quarantine at the Kowloon Hotel on Nathan Road.

A COVID test Tsang took on Tuesday came back negative.

Tsang, whose Chinese name is Zeng Jiang, was born in Shanghai on September 2, 1935 but has Hong Kong citizenship.

Best known in China for his portrayal of Huang Yaoshi in the television adaptation of The Legend of Condor Heroes, tributes to Weibo began when his death was announced.

A user called: “No one will be a better Huang Yaoshi. REST IN PEACE.

Many others also referred to his role, saying“You will always be Huang Yaoshi.”

user @I am Tao Xiaomu referring to the channel that used to air The Legend of Condro Heroes, saying: “The old face of TVB is disappearing, our youth is also slowly disappearing.”

Tsang’s acting career spanned 50 years and earned him the Best Supporting Actor award at the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards in 2015.

However, Tsang initially worked as an architect when he returned to Hong Kong after graduating from the University of California, Berkely.

Tsang acted mainly in Hong Kong films, but also appeared in a few Singaporean-Chinese films, most notably the 1995 film The Teochew family and The Unbeatables II in 1996.

His first Hollywood film came in 1998 when he starred in it The Substitute Killersfollowed by Anna and the king.

His most notable appearances in Hollywood are alongside Jackie Chan in rush hour 2 and his role as General Moon in the James Bond film die Another Day.

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