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Legacy sequels are growing in popularity and after a cryptic message from Mike Myersas it appears Austin Powers will get the same treatment with a Fourquel. A legacy sequel often comes decades later, and even if the series has had other sequels since then, it generally picks up where the most popular film left off, ignoring other films in the series’ timeline.

Legacy sequels also see the return of beloved actors reprising their most iconic roles, and it generally results in jaw-dropping moments in cinemas. Redditors have debated what makes the very best legacy movie sequel, whether it’s the 12th movie in a horror franchise, the return of a long-lost Jedi, or a movie that audiences didn’t even know was a movie continuation acts.


10 Halloween (2018)

Michael Myers rises in Halloween 2018.

There are so many movies in the Halloween franchise that it’s even difficult to count the number of times it’s been rebooted. But 2018 Halloween is special for several reasons. For starters, it’s the first major entry in the series in years, and it sees the return of Laurie Strode, making it a direct sequel to the major films in the series.

And that’s exactly why malicious opup thinks the film is so great and remarks: “I liked it halloween ’18 as a sequel to the original, which ignored the older sequels.” Unfortunately, the return to form was short-lived for the series, as the sequel, Halloween kills, was universally hated. However, it could still be redeemed as the coming Halloween ends could really many Halloween kills wrong.

9 Scream (2022)

Ghost Face in Scream 5 2022

No one really had high expectations scream 5, and most people had no expectations at all. The fourth film, released in 2011, was universally hated by fans and critics alike, and the series had been on a downward trend long before that. However, scream 5 brought the series back to its roots, brought back the characters audiences love, and was full of confident and meta-jokes, as well as being scary as hell.

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Scarfacenahface considers it the gold standard of legacy sequels, ironically stating that “it perfectly deconstructs the entire concept of legacy sequels”. From where scream 4 was a numbers thriller and forgot what made the series so unique, 2022 Scream is a master class in satirical horror.

8th Ghostbusters: Life After Death (2021)

Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson in the final battle of Ghostbusters Afterlife

guilty combo Calls Ghostbusters: Life After Death the best legacy sequel, and like the ghosts in the movie, the 2021 release crept up on audiences and became a surprising crowd pleaser. Ghostbusters: Life After Death understood what the series was about much better than when the franchise was rebooted in 2016. The 2021 film is funny but not pure comedy, it has fanservice but doesn’t build on it and is also character driven.

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More than anything, life after death is a sentimental adventure film that skillfully plays as a swan song for the series’ original characters Venkman, Egon and Ray. life after death is an apt name for the threesome in more ways than one, it’s a movie fans didn’t know they needed and it’s the least suspect movie that makes audiences cry but grown men grow left the cinemas sobbing.

7 Tron: Legacy (2010)

Sam Flynn wears an identity disk in Tron Legacy

Tron: Legacy is one of the many examples of this Movies that critics hate but fans love, and that’s mainly due to the lack of story and one of the worst examples of digital de-aging techniques. But the film is above all aesthetically pleasing, as the neon lights and quiet Daft Punk-composed score simmering beneath the surface create a tone that is second to none.

Finally real reddit considers it a great continuation of the legacy and posits: “I think Tron Legacy is the best of these because it delivers on the promise of the original Tron.” The Redditor makes a big point as digital effects were nowhere near where they needed to be to provide a believable and stunning image Tron Experience in 1982. But the sequel, which followed 28 years later, fully realized what the original was trying to do.

6 The Matrix Resurrection (2021)

PiarPiar think that The Matrix Resurrections is the best legacy sequel, but that’s a massively unpopular opinion and they’re far in the minority even though Reeves returns as a neo. As well as Scream 5, The Matrix Resurrections tries to break down the idea of ​​legacy sequels, but doesn’t quite succeed as the horror film.

There are so many great stories in the world of matrix found in video games and comics, but Wachowski instead chose to use the film as a commentary on sequels in Hollywood with meta-jokes. Not only that but Wachowski changed that drastically matrix story also, which rubbed many fans in the wrong direction.

5 Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

Luke Force projects onto Crait in The Last Jedi.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is another polarizing film, however Haverlyyy prefers it The Force Awakens, the least controversial of all Disney’s Star Wars films. Knowing how controversial her opinion is, the Redditor claims, “I love The Last Jedi but I don’t want to start any more wars, real or not.”

There are some undeniable merits The Last Jedi, especially given that it’s a legacy sequel. although The Force Awakens reintroduces Luke Skywalker to the audience in the closing moments, it is The Last Jedi that sees him as the main character, and the film goes into where he’s been over the past 30+ years.

4 Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Danish royal family thinks Bladerunner 2049 is the best legacy sequel, stating that the film “is something that fits the vision of the original but with enough unique ideas to stand out and not be a low-key remake of the first.” The Redditor references it The Force Awakens as a bad example for a legacy sequel, however 2049 and the war of stars movies have a lot in common. It has not been revealed by anyone involved in the making of the 2017 film whether or not they were influenced by it The Force Awakensbut given that it’s about the quest for the legendary Deckard, the influence is obvious.

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While the approaches are very different, there are many parallels between the two narratives, such as: The Force Awakens is another sci-fi film that follows the characters as they search for the long-lost Luke Skywalker. However, 2049 It’s as much about telling new and imaginative stories and building the world as it is about being a legacy sequel, and Deckard only appears after about two hours.

3 Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Tom Hardy in Mad Max Fury Road

Puppy Pangolion thinks Mad Max: Fury Road is not only the best legacy sequel, but also “better than all of its predecessors”. However, other Redditors are struggling with the user calling the 2015 release a legacy film. The film does not have the same actors as its predecessor, and the same amount of time has not passed in the series as in real life.

although rage street was released thirty years later Mad Max beyond Thunderdome, The figure has hardly aged. The fourquel, however, continues the mythos of the character and exhibits the series’ unique tone that no other film has been able to replicate rage street one of the most impressive legacy sequels ever made.

2 The Color of Money (1986)

The color of money is about snooker hustler Eddie Felson, who takes a young man, Vincent, under his wing and teaches him all his tricks. The film is a direct sequel to the hustlerwhich was published 25 years earlier, and kneeco28 considers it the best legacy sequel of all time.

A lot of viewers wouldn’t know that The color of money is even a sequel. While there are hints of Eddie’s past, one could easily assume it’s expositional backstory rather than referencing another film. And although The color of money is the only sequel directed by Martin Scorsese, there could be a third film in the series following Vincent passing the torch to someone else. And it could be the first film series to see two legacy sequels released decades apart.

1 Creed (2015)

Training in the boxing ring in Rocky

A legacy sequel has already been attempted Rocky series, as Rocky Balboa came 16 years later rocky v, but it didn’t quite have the success or fanfare of what followed. While it is common knowledge that Rocky is mentoring Creed in 2015 Believethe big question as to whether or not the iconic character would even make a cameo came up leading up to the film.

Flat_Foz_7318 remarks: “It was a near-perfect bridge from the Rocky Movies into a new generation and the first to earn Stallone an Oscar nomination since the original.” Believe skillfully transferred the series to a new era and easily found a new generation of fans. That Believe series has spawned a hit series of its own with a third film due out later this year and who knows how many more sequels there will be in the future.

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