nobody movie_A ponderously polarizing blockbuster looks to streaming for answers


It doesn’t matter if you prefer the original by Ridley Scott or the sequel by James Cameron, both of which are classics in their own right, but no one could rightly claim that extraterrestrial Franchise has improved since 1986. That’s not to say the continued adventures of the Xenomorphs have been a disaster (Alien vs Predator: Requiem) excluded, although the first two installments may have set the bar too high.

Regardless, there was a real sense of excitement and intrigue when it was first announced that Ridley Scott would be returning to the series to take the helm Prometheus, which was to be the first chapter of a brand new prequel trilogy. In the end, it wasn’t a bad film by any means, but it did prove hugely divisive among casual audiences, critics, and longtime alike extraterrestrial fans.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with the ambition or the visual style, but the unwieldy script was chock-full of half-baked ideas that were never fully explored or explained to everyone’s satisfaction. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a passionate number of supporters, many of whom appear to be revisiting the streaming intergalactic epic FlixPatrol called Prometheus as one of the most viewed titles on the worldwide iTunes charts.

It’s at least the highest-grossing entry in the saga, having raked in a solid $403 million at the box office, though Prometheus in the grand scheme of six-movie sci-fi horror ownership, it also holds mid-range scores on Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, and CinemaScore, so there’s no unanimous agreement on its merits.

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