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With the recent release of Nobody A film about a man named Hutch (played by Better call Saul‘s Bob Odenkirk), a former CIA assassin who seeks revenge on the people who broke into his home – people were quick to compare the film to him John Wick. The similarities are hardly a coincidence as written by Derek Kolstad, creator of John Wickand it is also produced by David Leitch, the co-director of this film.

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That First John Wick Film sets a high barnot just for them wick series, but also for all other films in the action hero genre, as the stunt work and world building is unrivaled in any current franchise. However, Nobody gives the beloved assassin franchise a good run for its money despite borrowing so many story beats and the premise is essentially identical.

9 They are both retired assassins

Hutch holds Uzi in Nobody

Starting with the obvious, both John Wick and Hutch are retired assassins, and they’re both excellent at what they do. There are some Fans who even think Wick is the real villainsince he goes around murdering hundreds of men who can’t fight back and some arguably don’t even deserve it, and the same goes for Hutch.

The ex-CIA operative is arguably even worse than Wick, as he sets booby traps that take out dozens at a time. And when he feels inferior after failing to stop a home invasion, he looks for a fight with random people.

8th Both show the Russian mafia

It’s not uncommon for a Russian to be the villain in a Hollywood film, given that Americans and Russians have been at odds since the space race, but with all the other similarities, it has to be more than coincidence.

As well as John Wick and Nobodythe protagonists unintentionally draw the attention of the deadliest Russian crime bosses in cinema history. Not only that, both mob bosses also happen to be as adept at combat as the other.


7 disobedient children

Aside from the fact that the Russian mafia bosses are the big bads of both films, what draws your attention first to the protagonists is how both John Wick and Hutch deal with the gangsters’ relatives. John Wick chases Viggo’s son Iosef and Hutch beats Teddy, Yulian’s younger brother, to a bloody pulp.

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Neither of them show mercy as Hutch slits Teddy’s throat slightly and sticks a plastic straw down him to allow him to continue breathing, and Wick shoots Iosef in the head from so close range. It was only a matter of time before hordes of Russians would be hot on their heels.

6 Both films prominently feature muscle cars

In John Wick, the titular killer apparently loves two things – dogs and muscle cars. In the first film, the character vents his anger by driving around a shipyard in a 1969 Mustang GT, and at the end of the film he is gifted a 2011 Dodge Charger.

And in Nobody, Hutch’s neighbor is arrogantly pleased with his 1972 Dodge Challenger. But in one of the film’s most satisfying sequences, Hitch steals the charger and wanders around in it, channeling his inner wick.

5 Gun Fu

John Wick

Bob Odenkirk trained rigorously for the role of Hutch, and it’s paid off massively, as audiences can feel almost every punch, kick, and shot. All these things together are referred to as “Gun-Fu”, a fighting style made famous by the John Wick films.

Although the Gun-Fu in the John Wick Show is way better and way more ambitious, Keanu Reeves has been doing his own stunts for decades and there have been three films for the stunt coordinators to perfect. But if Nobody gets a sequel, then it could match John Wick in its ambition.

4 Set the gangster’s money on fire

Hutch burns money

although Nobody has a lot of similarities with John Wick, the film actually does a great job of doing enough interesting and different things to stand out from the now iconic series. However, when it comes to the Russian mob arc, the story is almost the same blow for blow.

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Not only do the protagonists get caught up in this cat-and-mouse hunt because of disobedient children, but both main characters set fire to boatloads of cash belonging to the gangsters just before the final showdown with the Russian mafia bosses. The shots are also almost the same as they are shot in slow motion with both Wick and Hutch walking away and not looking behind them.

3 Do it for the family

Hutch and the boys

That Fast and Furious The series isn’t the only family-centric action franchise. Although Wick is completely single when the audience first meets him and he has nothing but a dog, in a way this dog represents his family, while Hutch actually has two children, a wife, a brother and a father who is him everything is very close.

Therefore, both Hutch and Wick do it in their revenge missions for the same reasons. Wick is clearly venting after losing his wife and puppy, which was the only connection he had with her, and Hutch is protective of his family after he felt he couldn’t take it anymore.

2 No one wants to be a franchise too

Hutch hides from villains with a gun in Nobody

Although the fourth and fifth entries in the John Wick Franchise was originally meant to be filmed back-to-back, COVID-19 put a stop to that. However, the fourth film is currently in production and a fifth film is still in development, and John Wick will probably continue after Chapter 5 to.

The first film was a box office hit, but it’s now become a well-established franchise, with each film grossing nearly double the previous one. It’s clearly Universal’s intention to do the same Nobody, and hopefully that will happen because there were some great worlds in the film and a mid-credits scene even hints at a sequel. As well as John Wick, Nobody was a hit too, but still managed to make more than triple its budget, so hopefully a sequel will get the green light.

1 The poster

John Wick Nobody Poster Comparison

It’s obvious who Universal wants to target as a poster Nobody is almost identical to that of John Wick: Chapter 2. Hutch’s face is in the center of this poster, as is John Wick’s face, and Hutch is surrounded by fists shooting at him.

On the poster for Chapter 2, it looks the same, only instead of fists there are guns. although Nobody is not in the same universe as the John Wick series, otherwise this poster could have fooled you.

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