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long shot‘ was created to capitalize on the popularity of acts such as NSYNC, Britney Spears and O-Town, among others. Unfortunately, this 2001 stinker is a far cry from The TAMI Show. Fans of the musical acts represented in the film may challenge the film’s sensibilities, but the main plot is a ponderous tale of two brothers (Tony DeCamillis and Joey Sculthorpe) trying to escape the wrath of a wealthy villain (Paul Sorvino). It’s half sitcom and half crime drama, and none of it works.

The movie’s only saving grace is that it features more inexplicable cameos than a Sharknado movie, including members of LFO, Innosense, Take 5, C-Note, Full Force and, um, Kenny Rogers. Not really. It also includes several actors from Saved By The Bell simply because it can be.

Gilbert Gottfried makes a brief cameo appearance as Mr. Chadwick, under whom the older brother works as a clerk at a music store. Gottfried elicits real laughs from the audience; Our favorite is when he wants to know what a customer is hearing in the headphone store by repeatedly yelling “What are you listening to?!” He also gets to share a scene with the hottest pop star of the early 2000s, Art Garfunkel. Seriously, “long shot” is a strange movie. You can hardly look at it in itself, but we are still grateful for its existence.

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