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The Science Fiction Movie Donnie Darko was on a low budget and nobody saw it when it hit theaters, but Lady Gaga recently spoke about it finally achieved its status as a cult classic. The film managed to garner a massive following in hindsight, and it’s a rare feat that only happens to a few films. However, Redditors have been discussing what could possibly be next Donnie Darko.

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Cult classics are generally films that have been bombed at the box office, or ones that were obscure enough but somehow managed to garner a following. And regardless of how the films became cult classics, they have a huge and dedicated fanbase. Between a couple of Nicolas Cage VOD movies, a remake of an already cult classic, and the worst movie of the 21st century, Redditors believe these movies have a good chance of becoming cult hits.


Dredd (2012)

dredd 2012 with a gun

Brinz1 argues that Dredd is going to be a cult film, but with the film’s 10th birthday in 2022, many would argue that the film is already a cult classic. The Redditor puts it best himself, declaring that “it’s quite possibly the most passionate Western action movie of the decade.”

The 2012 film has so many fans and he is one of them The Best Non-Superhero Comic Movies. But above all, the fact that it didn’t make enough money for the studio to greenlight a sequel is one of the biggest film disappointments of the 21st century.

Pig (2021)

Nicolas Cage in Pig

Nicolas Cage starred in a ton of movies in the 2010s, but most of them were straight to DVD and not remotely worth watching. And that’s why the audience was taken by surprise Piga drama about a truffle hunter in Portland who has his feed pig stolen.

MylesNYC posits that the film “has so many layers and will only gain an audience if more people hear about it. Great performance by Nic Cage. Filmed using only natural light. Create a believable unique world.” Cage gives such an incredible and raw performance that some even think he was snubbed at the 92nd Academy Awards. The actor’s latest career is an incredible comeback story, and Pig, an instant classic Cage movieis the best example of this.

The Death of Stalin (2017)

Zhukov enters the room in The Death of Stalin.

Coming from the mind of Armando Iannucci, The death of Stalin is just like his other political satires, only the 2017 film is much darker than VEEP or in the loop. However, the biggest criticism of the film, and one of the reasons why it didn’t do as well at the box office, is that all these well-known British and American actors play Russians in their native dialect.

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Steve Buscemi still has his high and raspy American slang, Jason Isaacs still has his well-spoken English, and Jeffrey Tambor still has his deep, commanding delivery, and they all speak English. However, that’s also the reason why the film has such an obsessive fan base. NorthernersWuwu posits: “I feel like death of Stalin must be a cult film. It certainly has a small but devoted following.”

Mandy (2018)

If it weren’t for the direct-to-DVD movies of the last eight years and the newfound reputation Cage had back then, a lot more people would have seen him Mandy. Cage plays an angry husband out for revenge when a hippie cult kidnaps his wife, and it’s almost like a released and deeply disturbing version of John Wick.

When it comes to which movies will be cult classics in 10 years, Masethelah noted: “If Mandy is not already, then definitely Mandy.” And while the film doesn’t have much depth, it’s at least one of The best style-over-substance moviesand it will surely be remembered for its eye-catching looks.

Good Boys (2019)

Keith L Williams, Jacob Tremblay and Brady Noon in Good Boys

Gmorkenstein thinks the irreverent comedy Good boys will be a cult classic in 10 years. The Redditor claims, “It’s a masterpiece of comedy and coming of age. I don’t know what was up with the marketing, but I just felt like it didn’t get the hype it deserved.”

Good boys deserves far more credit than it got, as it came and went seemingly without fanfare. However, it could be that the film’s humor came 10 years too late. The humor of kids joking about sex and drugs was popular in the 2000s with coming-of-age movies like Very badbut there’s a reason such comedies aren’t being produced anymore.

Cats (2019)

Corden as Bustopher Jones

cats is one of the strangest films of the 21st century, as the characters’ designs look like weird cat-human hybrids created in a lab. Kshades25 posits: “I really think so cats will be kind of a midnight movie that will make people want to see one of the greatest mishaps in movie history.”

Although some think so it’s not as bad as people say, Universal should have taken a page from Paramount’s book. When Sonic’s design received a terrible reception from fans after the first trailer Sonic the Hedgehog, Paramount spent an additional $5 million to fix it. But then again, it wouldn’t be half as interesting.

Sorry to bother you (2018)

I'm sorry to bother you

Sorry to bother you feels like the frenetic energy and anxiety of Unpolished gems and boiling point were injected into a comedy. The unpredictable score composed by Tune-Yards, the vivid colors, the surrealism and the constant confusion of the main character Cash make for one of the most intense comedies of all time. That might be why many didn’t see it, but it’s the same reason fans will defend it with their lives.

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SuperemeDalek925 notes that the 2018 film “looks like it could become a cult movie someday.” It’s easy to see Sorry to bother you become the next The big Lebowskianother comedy with surreal elements that audiences couldn’t quite grasp at first but has since become one of the most talked about comedies of all time.

Halloween Kills (2021)

Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Stode in Halloween Kills.

Halloween kills is the latest film mentioned by Redditors that could become a cult classic in 10 years, but it’s unlikely. That’s not to say it can’t be done, but it would have become a cult classic just that way The space is a cult classic in that audiences only see it to make fun of it.

But despite the general reception of the film, Peculiar PangolinMan thinks it’s a perfect slasher movie. The Redditor argues that after a couple of years, the film “is being viewed extraordinarily fondly by slasher fans.” Unfortunately, the reality is that the best parts of the film are References to previous Halloween movies.

King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword (2017)

So many Movie franchises are abandoned after one moviewhether it’s the Universal Dark Universe or that daredevil series, but Warner Bros. had one of the most interesting plans for the Guy Ritchie-directed one King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Reddit user sneezing rickshaw explains that the studio “took the risk of giving a film like this, with a budget of $150 million and a planned seven-movie series, to a director who has a reputation for being cursed for being… never be able to do sequels.”

It’s not so much a non-sequel curse as the film’s overwhelmingly negative reception and poor performance at the box office. But general audiences enjoy the film more than critics, and it might be an example of critics warming to it in a few years.

Suspiria (2018)

Sara stands next to a mirror in Suspiria

sigh is not an original film, but a remake of a 1977 Italian film that also happens to be a cult classic, and it looks like the 2018 version is following suit. KL2710 is the film’s biggest champion, noting, “The sigh Remake has no right to be as good as it is… and I love it for that.

There are so many great things buzzing around in the 2018 film that make it so alluring, be it the score composed by Thom Yorke, Tilda Swinton’s mesmerizing performance or the stunning cinematography. And the remake achieves what so few others achieve, as it tells the same story of the original but still feels fresh and doesn’t retread the same beats.

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