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In a shocking turn of events during the production of Fast X, which Vin Diesel is constantly posting about on his social media, has writer-director Justin Lin just a week into production. And now Universal faces the difficult task of quickly finding a director for a film that’s already a week into shooting and has a schedule to meet.

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It would be easy to ask visionary authors like Christopher Nolan and James Cameron to come on board, but while they would be incredible Fast & Furious Films, they not only have a huge price, but are also involved in their own projects. Between contract directors who can supply the goods and filmmakers who are already affiliated with the franchise in some way, these are the studio’s best options.


David yesterday

David Ayer isn’t just an established action director, with films like Fury and sabotage under his belt, but he also wrote the screenplay for the very original one The Fast and the Furious. Since writing this script, he has become one of the most sought-after action filmmakers. While it’s not clear why Lin left the production, whether it was really due to creative differences or a clash of egos, it’s doubtful that Ayer would want to revisit such a troubled and stressful production.

That Fast and Furious The author has already been put to the test with Warner Bros. on how he directed it suicide squad, which was revised and the end result was completely different than what he had imagined. It is led to Fans are demanding the “Ayer Cut”. And the last thing the writer/director needs is another controversy like this.

Michael Bay

ambulance film review
Eiza González in the ambulance

Michael Bay undoubtedly comes with a huge price tag as a film bearing his name draws a huge audience even if his films are not critically acclaimed. However, Bay’s schedule certainly needs to be quiet as he’s just finished ambulancehis exciting return-to-form heist film. With the press celebrations all done by this point, he might call it quits on his well-deserved break.

And since Bay is notoriously strict on his set, as Megan Fox even compared him to Hitler, he wouldn’t let any egos get in the way and he would easily deliver the film on budget and on schedule. It doesn’t make sense why Bay didn’t direct a Fast Movie not yet as the series is so bombastic, over the top and full of explosions that the series and the director were made for each other.

Elizabeth Banks

Charlie's Angels in 2019

While most people will know Elizabeth Banks as a comedy actress and for starring in some of the funniest movies of the 2000s, she has since embraced directing. And she’s proven to be surprisingly good at shooting action given her background.

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Banks’ directorial debut was the musical comedy pitch perfect 2, who even has some comedy action moments of his own. And she recently took on the new direction Charlie’s Angel Reboot, which didn’t get the best reviews but had a perfect balance of action and comedy. As the Fast X With the script already written and pre-production on the film already complete, Banks is more than capable of bringing it home.

James Wan

Aquaman Black Manta

James Wan has two sides. There’s the indie side of him that never forgets its roots and continues to produce terrifying low-budget indie films. Then there’s his blockbuster side, as the filmmaker can direct a billion-dollar popcorn flick just as easily as he can direct a horror film. That’s exactly what he did angry 7which happens to be one of the most popular films in the franchise, making it a likely candidate to succeed Lin.

However, together with the director Aquamanfor which he sits in the director’s chair Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom also, but the main photography of this film is completed. And being one of the most prolific directors working today, he directed both The incantation and Insidious: Chapter 2 At the same time, he proved that he can juggle two films at once.

Michael man

Tom Cruise holds Jamie Foxx by the neck in Collateral

In the 1990s and well into the 2000s Michael Man was such a high profile director and he has some incredible action crime films under his belt including heat and security. His production has slowed in recent years, but few other directors are as experienced when it comes to the genre.

The other downside is that while Mann’s action is grounded, it’s so grounded that the heat Gunnery is taught to Marine recruitsthat Fast & Furious Series just keeps getting better and better. But Mann could easily oversee the production, and fans could see the most realistic and exciting sequence since the first film.

Gina Prince-Blythewood

Andy pulls a gun out of her back in The Old Guard

Gine Prince-Blythewood isn’t the most well-known director, but her profile in Hollywood is growing, especially after directing the heavily overlooked Netflix action film. The Old Guard. Not only is the film packed with intricate action sequences, but it also stars Charlize Theron, who also reprises her role as the villainous Cipher in the new film Fast Movie.

There’s already a great relationship between the director and the actor there, and it seems like there is Fast X Shooting takes more than anything else. The only problem is that the director has a movie scheduled for release in 2022, The Woman King with Viola Davis. But with only five months until release, there’s a chance her role in the film is mostly complete and it wouldn’t be too difficult to jump on board Fast X Crew.

David Leitsch

Brad Pitt on the bullet train

David Leitch is one of today’s most in-demand actors, and has been since he was a co-director John Wick, revolutionizing action movies today. But not everything has to be revolutionary, and the director is working on more blockbuster films as well.

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Leitch has directed the 2014 Gun Fu film dead pool 2the forthcoming fast train (which is complete) and even Hobbs & Shaw, so there’s a connection there again and he undoubtedly knows the history of the franchise well. And who wouldn’t want to see some gun fu sequences all in one Fast & Furious Movie?

Brad Vogel

Mission Impossible Ghost Log Tom Cruise

Brad Bird comes from an animation background, but while his live-action production has been minimal, the few films he has made have been incredible, groundbreaking action films. The filmmaker directed it Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocolthat was one of the Most influential films of 2011, and it put the franchise back on track. And it was the film that single-handedly influenced that Fast to make the franchise what it is today.

The Dubai scene in angry 7 screams alone Ghost log. And even his Incredible Animated films are full of inventive action, which he has proven to be good at translating into live action. With Bird at the helm, Fast X would have the most meticulous and intricate action scenes of the entire series.

Lana Wachowski

Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix.

Lana Wachowski wouldn’t be the first director fans would think of to direct Fast Movie as the premise is far too simple for someone who has directed The Matrix and cloud atlas. But there’s no denying that Wachowski is great at filming action and even getting strong performances out of her actors.

The director could bring a truly unique perspective and even more unique vision to the series. And more than anything, she’s certainly familiar with that wild concepts that Vin Diesel really wants that Fast Franchises you can embark on, whether it’s time travel or parallel universes.

F. Gary Gray

Rap group NWA from Straight Out of Compton

Along with some of the biggest films of the 2000s and 2010s such as Law abiding citizen and Direct from ComptonF. Gary Gray directed in 2017 The fate of the angry. The film introduced Cipher, gave Mr. Nobody a bigger role, and transformed the franchise into an even more global spy action series. Fast X seems to tie into much of what began in the eighth film, so it would make sense to bring back the director who knows these storylines better than anyone.

Plus the eighth Fast The film may not be one of the most popular films in the series, but it is the second-highest-grossing franchise. And in the eyes of a studio, that’s justification enough to have the director come back to replace Lin.

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