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fast train looks set to be the action film of the year as audiences are sure to be wowed by the intense choreography that takes place in these speeding carriages. While we await the release of the production, there are many other fantastic films in the genre that may play on the same themes.

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Whether they feature great hand-to-hand combat, focus on an assassin doing a job, or perhaps focus on someone from the criminal underworld who really doesn’t want to be in their job anymore, these movies are worth checking out! Some of them are even mostly in the same place.


Extraction (2020)

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction

Follow an agent tasked with extracting a high profile target, the action hit extraction quickly descends into violence and bloodshed as the plan collapses. Much like the chaos that seems to be spreading fast train, In this film, the hero has his back against the wall and is struggling to survive.

The action choreography throughout the play is absolutely stunning, with a dark and realistic touch brought to every fight sequence. It has a beautiful pacing and leaves the audience on a perfect cliffhanger. Line-up wise, it definitely boasts a quality cast as well, although the list of talents isn’t as big as that fast train.

John Wick (2014)

John Wick and Cassian fight on a subway train

When it comes to the action genre, perhaps no project has influenced it as much as John Wick has in recent years. Her penchant for creating scenes that never let up in intensity shaped her. It’s brutal in its attempt to present its struggles with such clarity.

That’s as good as certain fast train would have taken some cues from the strip when crafting his own violent moments. John Wick also follows a protagonist who actually wants to leave the world of assassins behind, but seems to be withdrawn one last time. Fans will be excited the fourth installment in Keanu Reeves’ stellar franchise.

Nobody (2021)

Bob Odenkirk in Nobody

Following the John Wick Formula, Nobody sees a retired employee returning to his previous job to complete one final, personal task. It looks very much like copying some of the action conventions that have now been established in the genre, although it takes a twist in the final act.

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It therefore combines brutal hand-to-hand choreography and stunts with a final firefight that comes up with all sorts of tricks and traps almost as if it were a Home alone Consequence. It’s bold in its storytelling and a cast selection that doesn’t necessarily qualify as an action hero, but manages to make it without exception.

Free Fire (2016)

fast train seems to be largely set in one place, which can bring all sorts of challenges and opportunities for those looking to create a series of exciting action sequences. free fire is a film that has had to address some of these issues while maintaining exciting visual elements that accompanied the hilarious script.

Set largely in a warehouse, the film is based on a deal that quickly goes awry and the subsequent showdown that takes place. The cast is absolutely brimming with incredible talent, all of whom seem to be having a fantastic time with this odd but ultimately compelling premise.

Atomic Blonde (2017)

Lorraine beats up her attackers in the stairwell in Atomic Blonde

There are very Few films are as stylish as Atomic Blonde, but the neon visuals of fast train seem to be trying to keep up with the 80’s Cold War classic. The production team leaves nothing to champion a genre play that doesn’t shy away from political intrigue and the brutality that ensues.

The period setting of Atomic Blonde gives this piece an edge, with the natural tones and tensions of the era adding to the complexity of the conflicts. As far as action heroes go, this film presents an instant competitor as the skilled assassin weaves her way through her competition.

The Foreigner (2017)

Jackie Chan walks through the woods in The Foreigner

fast train seems to play with themes of feeling out of place in an environment and having to return to a violent work that the protagonist would rather leave in the past. The foreigner Parallels to these ideas, albeit with a very personal touch.

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When the leader’s family is caught in the crossfire of a terrorist attack, this former agent calls on some of his old skills to get revenge. While his enemies overlook him as an elderly misfit who poses very little threat, the truth brings them down with cold vengeance.

Ava (2020)

Another assassin tasked with performing an ordinary job (at least in her profession). Ava revolves around an assassin who finds her mission falling apart. It’s a play about surviving in the most dangerous of circumstances: something to share with fast train.

With a well-rounded cast and intelligent script, the film focuses as much on how it all went wrong as on why. The action is therefore contrasted with a series of narrative beats that bring the audience closer to its guidance. It’s a great achievement and an underrated genre piece.

Gunpowder Milkshake (2021)

gunpowder milkshake review

Action, comedy, spectacle and style. Those are the things that seem obvious when watching the film fast train trailer & can be found in bundles Gunpowder Milkshake. Two talented and dangerous agents, a mother and daughter, join forces to protect a young child caught up in the madness.

It’s exciting and rightfully cheesy at times, paying homage to some of the popcorn flicks of a bygone era but still connecting to the modern techniques seen in the industry today. It’s one of the funniest movies shown here and is so efficient without losing its heart.

Skyscraper (2018)

skyscraper took every hint of Die Hard when it comes to creating the structure of the script. The concept of the action hero slowly working his way up a building and surviving to the top so he can overthrow the antagonist who is looking down on the bloodshed is definitely not original.

In many ways it could correspond to the idea of fast train, with the lead fighting its way through the carriages of the speeding vehicle; more of a horizontal than a vertical struggle. The production is geared towards spectacle. The hard-hitting action seen elsewhere is replaced with something a little more Hollywood, but still thrilling, especially when pitted against the highs of the well-chosen backdrop.

The Commuter (2018)

Joanna and Mike face to face in The Commuter

That seems appropriate fast train would be preceded by a slew of other action dramas set in trains. The commuter is a perfect example of how the genre can use this attitude to its advantage. Here, however, the protagonist is not an experienced killer.

Instead, he’s just a regular guy paid to identify an out-of-place ticket holder. What almost seems like a game that starts quickly, darkens as the truth of the job becomes apparent. The action certainly varies in pace to accommodate the character’s abilities, but the script’s revelations are just as important as the punches thrown. There are definitely some surprising inclusions in the cast too!

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