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“I can eat a peach for hours,” adds Cage’s Castor Troy lasciviously Face/Off, the greatest film of all time with a slash in the title. The magic of his performance is so great that we would love to watch him do it (at least for two hours – anything else would be insane). This Troy story is a two-part feat. In the first act we get an insanely pumped-up Cage grabbing a chorus girl’s butt, rampaging across an airfield brandishing a pair of gold-plated pistols so fancy they have their own lacquered wooden box (other contents of this box: a pack of Chiclets, a money clip, three rolled joints, a switchblade, and four sticks of Bazooka Joe gum). Then, in the blink of an eye, the character switches skins with the FBI agent who was chasing him, and we get a completely different Cage: haunted, sensitive, vulnerable, though still prone to operatic gestures in which he fingers over drives people’s faces. Whether we’re watching Cage-as-Castor or Cage-as-Sean, every step of John Woo’s action classic he’s not just good — he’s peachy.

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