nobody movie_ Sonic 2’s Jim Carrey has a great spaghetti analogy to explain how he created the iconic character Dr. Robotnik figured out

With the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, we had the pleasure of starring comedy legend Jim Carrey in two blockbuster films Dr. to see Robotnik play. In the silly role that children loved, the actor definitely looks like he’s having fun between physical comedy and witty jokes. Carrey recently explained his process of getting into the role, using a spaghetti analogy, of course.

Jim Carrey recently opened up about his approach to the role of the wacky Dr. Robotnik, and of course he exhausts all comedic possibilities for the role. It’s Jim Carrey! In his words:

I throw the spaghetti against the wall, see if it sticks, see if it’s al dente. I know the material and then of course I want to try it in different ways. Give the director so much to work with, so many emotional levels, so many cartoon levels. I’ll do them all night if they let me.

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