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Rebel Wilson has updated fans on her relationship status.

During an appearance at the U Up? podcast that aired on Wednesday, the Pitch Perfect actress revealed that she is “happy” with a new suitor.

“I’m happily in a relationship now,” she shared, crediting a mutual friend for brokering the love interest for her. “That was a friend’s setup. I’ve been on and off on the Raya app (celebrity dating) but this was a friendship setup. He had known both of us for at least five years and thought we would get along – and then we did!”

Rebel continued that it’s great to “meet someone from a trusted source” because she can “trust them to be who they say they are, which you don’t really know on the apps.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Rebel reflected on her “year of love” in 2019, as she challenged herself to go out and meet new people.

“I consciously wanted to push myself into a whole date with a bunch of people and have this experience, which I know isn’t normal, but it really helped me figure out what I like and what I don’t like,” explained the Australian Star. “I was a fun thing … I didn’t say no to anyone. I’ve had some dates with some billionaires and then some people who didn’t have anything, it was the full spectrum of people.”

Rebel previously dated Jacob Busch from late 2019 to February 2021.

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