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On the fringes of society, cataloged among the people no one notices, are the collectors, the people who specialize in collecting some facet of geek culture. For some it is war of stars Utils. For other collectors it is star trek. For Darren Maxwell, his main focus is Batman. Batman and Idirected by Michael Wayne, is his story.

A loner looking for a community to belong to, Maxwell met collectors of film memorabilia. He has dedicated smaller collections dune and other science fiction objects, he realized in 1989 that nobody he knew collected Tim Burton objects Batman, and that became his niche. Over the course of 10 years, Maxwell amassed all manner of kitsch to support all Batman films ending in 1997 Batman and Robin. In this deeply personal and introspective documentary, he takes us through his vast selection of toys, comics and gadgets.

“…maxwell collected all sorts of kitsch in support of all Batman movies…”

Since 2001, Maxwell has transitioned from collecting Batman memorabilia to making Batman memorabilia war of stars fan films. His collaborator in funding these shorts is Peter Sims, who is also a Batman collector. There is a sequence where Wayne visually compares and contrasts the acquisitions of both men. Sims strives to see everything he has collected clearly. Each item was taken out of its box and placed in a display case. For Maxwell, collecting an item requires keeping it in pristine condition. The collectible must be in its Aristotelian purest form. As such, Maxwell never opens an item he has collected. To do this, it is transformed from a collectible into a “toy”. Interestingly, we learn that if he didn’t like a film, he doesn’t support it by purchasing its memorabilia.

There are some fascinating anecdotes along this trend that are circulating everywhere Batman and I. One of Maxwell’s former girlfriends bought him a packet of Batman cookies a week before dumping. After she broke up with him, he opened the package in defiance and ate the cookies. As a collector, he then replaced the cookies with pristine, unopened packaging. In a moment of weakness, Maxwell opened the Batman forever board game. To this day, he wants to replace it with a copy that’s still in the Mylar packaging. A certain item has a crack. This gnaws at Maxwell’s psyche. Even though he hid the rift, it still exists. This is a nightmare scenario for any collector.

While he is featured in another documentary about Star Wars and its fans, The Phantom threat, Maxwell and his room devoted entirely to Batman memorabilia is his claim to immortality. He’s really known in the Melbourne collecting community as that Batman collector. Batman and I is a wonderful deep dive into a man’s obsession. I highly recommend it.

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