NHL fan banned from Colorado Avalanche games after spreading friend’s ashes on the ice

DENVER (KDPR) — A self-proclaimed “die-hard” Colorado Avalanche fan has been banned from attending the NHL team’s games for the remainder of the season after he was caught spreading ashes on the ice rink.

“If you saw the small fraction of the amount I actually got there, the Zamboni took care of it in round one,” Ryan Clark said.

Clark attended the January 8 Avalanche game at Denver’s Ball Arena, where he decided to honor his late friend by pouring some of his ashes over the glass and onto the ice.

“The usher asked me, ‘What was that?’ i have to be honest with you it was my friend ‘What do you mean?’ I said, ‘Well, he died. His service was yesterday and I scattered some of his ashes out there,'” Clark recalled.

Clark said he was then taken to the arena’s hall where he spoke to security. He was eventually escorted out of the building.

“I knew what I did was seen as wrong. I confessed it the second it happened,” Clark said.

Shortly thereafter, Clark received a letter in the mail informing him that he would not be welcome to Avalanche games at Ball Arena for the remainder of the season. That was before he knew the Avalanche would be playing in the Stanley Cup Finals.

However, Clark said he would do it again anyway.

“If you’ve ever seen ‘Angels in the Outfield,’ this is just the hockey version. So if they’re home and need a little help, my boy is out there to help,” Clark said.

Friends connecting over the love of hockey

Clark’s best friend is Kyle Stark. The two met while working at King Soopers in 2009 and became roommates. Stark was the best man at Clark’s wedding.

The couple bonded over their love of hockey. According to Clark, “Stark eats, sleeps, breathes hockey”.

“[During the] In the 2018-2019 season, Kyle and I actually managed to scrape ourselves together [some money] and we were season ticket holders,” Clark said.

However, Stark died suddenly just a few days before Christmas.

“If he were still here, we would probably be at the stadium. We would do what we had to do to get the thousand-dollar-to-sit-up-top tickets,” Clark said.

Clark said he believes his friend is now watching over the Avalanche as they battle to bring the Stanley Cup trophy to Denver.

“I’d like to think in my heart, yeah, he’s flying down the ice out there with those guys, and if one of the other guys gets it from the other team, he throws an extra elbow at the glass to get them back there.” said Clark.

Clark said it was difficult watching the playoffs at home without his best friend, but being able to talk about Stark again feels good.

“It’s fantastic to be able to talk about him. Because the last few months have been this and that, and then when the playoffs come around, I wish he was here. I really, really wish he was here at this point,” Clark said.

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