New York Knicks Want To Trade Up For Jaden Ivey?

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One way or another, the New York Knicks need to find a point guard to lead the team this NBA offseason. It’s been a thorn in their side for years and it’s time they took an offensive approach.

While there has been much talk of New York finding a free hand point guard, they could also find their man in a trade given their strong ties to Jalen Brunson. Could this trade happen during the 2022 NBA draft?

The Knicks had a ho-hum 2022 draft lottery when they entered and stayed in 11th place. While some outstanding players have been voted 11th overall in recent years, New York is reportedly eyeing a bigger prize closer to the top of the draft board.

According to the New York Post, the New York Knicks have their eyes on Purdue superstar Jaden Ivey.

In the first lead the Knicks have at least explored to moving up from No. 11 in the upcoming NBA draft, Team Brass interviewed Purdue’s second combo keeper Jaden Ivey at the draft combine in Chicago.

LATEST NBA DRAFT NEWS & TRADE RUMOR: 3 realistic NBA free agent goals for the New York Knicks

The super athletic, 6-foot-4 Ivey is considered a top 5 pick and has not been ranked lower than sixth in the top mock drafts. The Post previously reported that the New York Knicks had the 20-year-old on their radar as they seek to fill a vacancy with the starting point guard.

There’s virtually no chance of Jaden Ivey going down the draft board to the Knicks, so a trade-up is the only conceivable way to make that happen. There were some reports that Ivey could go as high as 2nd at the Oklahoma City Thunder, making this a moot point for the orange and blue.

LATEST NBA DRAFT NEWS & TRADE RUMOR: 3 realistic NBA free agent goals for the New York Knicks

But if the top three Jabari Smith Jr., Chet Holmgren and Paolo Banchero go in any order, the Knicks could be looking to strike a deal with the Sacramento Kings, who have moved up to fourth place during the lottery. Sacramento is desperate to overcome its 16-year playoff drought and would be open to deferring the pick for an established player.

If the Knicks are serious about trading Julius Randle, he could be involved in a fourth-election package. Ivey is also a CAA client and is represented by Aaron Mintz, who is good friends with Leon Rose, who helps run the Knicks’ front office.

LATEST NBA DRAFT NEWS & TRADE RUMOR: 3 realistic NBA free agent goals for the New York Knicks

Could they try to push teams away and lead Jaden Ivey to the New York Knicks? Obi Toppin is also a CAA customer and fell to 8th during the 2020 NBA draft after many expected him to be a top 5 pick. Can Ivey meet a similar fate and fall straight into the laps of the Knicks? Brass would certainly appreciate that as they need some fresh blood at the point guard position.

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