New York Knicks have a ‘very real’ shot at Jalen Brunson

NBA rumors: The New York Knicks reportedly have a ‘very real’ chance of signing Jalen Brunson this offseason.

After the 2022 NBA draft, there were only questions about what exactly the New York Knicks were up to.

The Knicks traded twice from the lottery, bypassing Jalen Duren’s potential selection and using one of those lottery picks to trade Kemba Walker. It wasn’t exactly a textbook draft for the Knicks, but it was clear something was wrong.

And maybe we’re finally starting to figure it out.

According to a recent report by Marc Stein, the Knicks have a “very real” chance of snapping Brunson away from the Mavs when free agency opens. They’ve already started clearing Cap’s spot for a big pursuit (and still have work to do) and are expected to offer him a huge contract when free agency begins.

As everything the Knicks did in the draft unfolded, you had to believe that some backchanneling was underway. I’m not sure the Knicks would get out of the draft lottery — twice — if they didn’t think they had at least a decent chance of landing a big free agent like Brunson.

All the indications are that New York’s #1 goal this offseason is to solidify their position as a point guard while proving to be a real threat for a place in the Eastern Conference this season.

I’m not sure that signing Brunson alone would achieve that, but the front office firmly believes it will.

The big question, of course, is whether the Knicks can actually pull this off. And if they can, whether a nucleus of RJ Barrett, Brunson and Julius Randle would be enough to make noise in the east.

You must credit the Knicks; at least they try. But this appears to be another potential big swing and failure. We will see.

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