Netflix’s best time travel series returns with a twist


Once every few years, there is a show that changes everything.

A performance that drives a whole range of genres to the point where nothing that tries will ever be able to cope with the same energy. Let’s call them One-Season Wonders.

Damon Lindelof Rangers is a great example. His only season has been critically acclaimed and there is no sequel in sight. The occasional One-Season Wonder may resume, but it is missing in subsequent seasons I do not know what which kept us going week after week. Kill Evewhich has quietly ended this week after four seasons, is a perfect example of this.

It seemed Russian doll he was doomed to go the same way when Netflix renewed him for the second season. With the star’s first season working perfectly as a stand-alone, it was hard to imagine how the Netflix series could enhance its already sublime story. But as a cockroach The time thriller, led by Natasha Lyonne, evolved and lived up to its high expectations, bringing a second series that will turn this one-season wonder into two-season stunning.

Lightning in a bottle

What are you doing after your first season?Netflix

The story of “Groundhog Day” o Russian doll The first season captivated Netflix viewers in 2019. The show seemed to have everything the audience loved – New York tributes, criticism of gentrification, complicated metaphysics, a cat named Oatmeal and, most importantly, a quasi borscht belt and the ways of Natash Lyonne, which launched thousands Twitter accounts.

The first season ended with Nadia (Lyonne) and her time-lapse colleague, Alan (Charlie Barnett), who saved each other from death for the first time, getting into the loop in the beginning. The 2nd series begins four years later, in the days before Nadina’s 40th birthday. Not much has changed. In New York, he still treads with lots of fiery red hair and oversized black outfits. She is still friends with Alan and the mainstays of Season 1 Maxine (Greta Lee) and Lizzy (Rebecca Henderson).

“…a exciting television season. “

But maintaining the status quo is not enough Russian doll. In the beginning, Nadia and Alan are “one level up” and find themselves not in a time loop, but in a bizarre adventure of time travel driven by public transport that forces them to skip decades instead of living the same day again and again.

This completely changes the scope of the story. Instead of being locked up at specific times, Nadia and Alan go through the history of their families. And the consequences are much more serious this time than just rotting products.

I’m talking about my generation

Alan (Charlie Barnett) makes his own journey through time in Season 2 of the Russian Doll.

Alan (Charlie Barnett) makes his own way in time Russian doll Season 2.Netflix

Due to time travel, Russian doll Season 2 has the opportunity to bite out more existential topics. The first season forced Nadia to reconsider her relationship with her mother by re-experiencing her birthday, while Alan’s loop forced him to think about his failed relationship.

With this new power, Nadia and Alan have different approaches. Nadia sees an immediate opportunity to solve problems in her life, while Alan just wants to have a good time in the past. In both stories, however, there is a thread of generational trauma that points to broader questions about our relationships with our ancestors, selected families, and what we owe each other.

Review of Russian Doll Season 2

Annie Murphy is a secret weapon Russian doll Season 2.Netflix

But don’t worry, just because a show is maturing doesn’t mean it’s lost its charm. Nadia still leaves references to pop culture on the left and right, it’s never obvious enough to make her feel compelled, but still conspicuous enough to be wise. New York – especially the transportation system – is becoming the pulsating heart of Nadia and Alan’s reality, leading to a surreal finale that works more like a David Lynch or Andrei Tarkovsky film than a Netflix drama.

Thanks to an expanded new cast (including Annie Murphy, Rosie O’Donnell as “Train Announcer” and a Hungarian man who sounds exactly like Tommy Wiseau) and an intricate multi-space plot, Russian doll pulls out all the obstacles to create an exciting TV season.

Where are we going from here?

Review of Russian Doll Season 2

Is this time travel adventure the last time we see Nadia?Netflix

Russian doll should be studied as a master class to avoid One-Season Wonder syndrome. But one question remains – is this a sustainable business model for gaining another part of Nadina’s time and space? The original Netflix series are often received canceled after two seasonsso maybe we’ll say goodbye to this tidy world (especially given the move of co-creator Leslye Headland to the Star Wars universe).

Although the series is popular enough to win another revival, it’s hard to imagine where Russian doll could have gone from here. Once you’ve conquered the space-time continuum, what’s left to throw at your main characters? If there are sci-fi trends, it’s only a matter of time before we get a Russian doll multiverse.

But no matter where the story ends, it’s clear that fans don’t have to worry about the show losing their breath. If there is a corner of this mystical world Russian doll he hasn’t researched yet, then Natasha Lyonne finds him. And if not, we can be calm in the knowledge that Nadia will handle everything the universe throws at her.

Russian doll Season 2 premieres on April 20 on Netflix.

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