NBA trade grades: Why this expert gave Celtics A+ for Malcolm Brogdon deal

It’s hard to find many pundits, or even fans, who disliked Malcolm Brogdon’s trade from the Boston Celtics’ perspective.

The Celtics acquired the veteran point guard from the Indiana Pacers in exchange for Daniel Theis, Aaron Nesmith, Juwan Morgan, Malik Fitts, Nik Stauskas and a 2023 first-round draft pick. The first-rounder is reportedly top-12 protected, and if not considered a first-round selection, becomes a second-round player.

Over the weekend of July 4th and earlier this week the notes arrived in Brogdon for trading.

ESPN’s Kevin Pelton gave the deal an A- for the Celtics. The Athletic’s Zach Harper went one step further, awarding an A+ for Boston.

“Even in a world where you don’t believe very much in Brogdon or think he’s overpaid at $67 million over the next three years, it’s still more than a no-brainer for the Celtics to make that trade,” Harper wrote in his analysis. “They haven’t given up anyone at their core to move forward and haven’t given up any of the young players they desire very much. They didn’t even give up Grant Williams on this deal.”

Harper also cites Brogdon’s playing ability, versatility and great defense as reasons why this trade made a lot of sense for the Cs.

His final point was, “The Celtics haven’t essentially given up anything here, so the potential pitfalls of Brogdon’s injury history are still worth the risk.”

Forsberg: What else is on the Celtics offseason to-do list?

The Celtics have had a great offseason so far.

In addition to Brogdon, they are reportedly signing forward Danilo Gallinari as a free agent who will add much-needed bench scoring and outside shooting. Boston still has its biggest traded-player (TPE) exception of $17.1 million, created by sending Evan Fournier to the New York Knicks last summer. So this way, the C’s could get yet another Impact player.

They also kept all of their best trade assets. So if Brad Stevens wants to make a bold move for a player like Kevin Durant, he can compete with the best offers from opposing teams.

Brogdon is a great fit for the Celtics. If he stays healthy, the Celtics will be very difficult to beat en route to the NBA Finals next season.







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