“NBA scouts had me thinking of pursuing business in college!”: Celtics’ Derrick White shares his incredible story from being a nobody to starring in the NBA Finals

When Derrick White revealed how everyone passed him on his and how he considered enrolling in a business degree

Derrick White was outstanding for the Cs with his defense and playmaking especially to win the pie. The former track, especially in the latter part of the playoffs so far, has been a real difference maker.

It will definitely remain a question when the season is over how the Celtics would have fared had they not been traded for him. The Cs recognized earlier in the season that playmaking is an issue. They had no pure point guards in their roster.

As a result, the Celtics struggled early in the season. Dennis Schroder and Payton Pritchard were serviceable at best. Then Boston pulled the trigger and made the move for Derrick White.

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With the addition of White, the team rose to become one of the best teams in the league. Although no one expected at the time that this would be the defining trade of the season, as stars like James Harden, Ben Simmons and Domantas Sabonis were also on the move, it has in hindsight proved to be the most influential trade of the season.

However, at some point there was a possibility that Derrick White wouldn’t even be in the NBA.

Why was there doubt that Derrick White would make it to the NBA?

Growing up, White was extremely undersized. White first dunked a basketball in his senior year of high school, which is unheard of for an NBA player.

His father had to enlist all the colleges that guards graduated from to try to get White a roster spot. He did not even receive scholarship offers.

In an incredible turn of events, not even having a scholarship to enter college, White made it to the NBA as the San Antonio Spurs’ first-round pick.

When asked about his journey, White revealed how everyone has passed him on due to his size. He went on to describe how he considered going to college and enrolling in business administration as a career.

Without a growth spurt towards the end of his college days, White probably wouldn’t have made it into the NBA. Boston would not have had its stud point guard and might have veered in a different direction.

White’s story shows how a little luck has a huge impact on what you become. Luckily for White and the Celtics, his fortune put him squarely on the path to basketball stardom and gave us a chance to see a student of the game do his thing successfully.

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