NBA mock draft roundup: Murray, Ivey favorites among experts for Pistons at No. 5

The NBA draft is now just a week away and things are starting to get a little clearer for draft pundits.

Shortly after last month’s draft lottery, many draft pundits predicted that the Detroit Pistons would pick Shaedon Sharpe. But in the weeks since, Keegan Murray has scaled the draft boards to become a favorite. Pundits seemed to agree he would be a best fit alongside Jaden Ivey alongside Cade Cunningham and the young squad the Pistons are building around.

Here’s what draft pundits have predicted what the Pistons will do ahead of next Thursday’s draft.

ESPN – View: | Prospect: Keegan Murray (F | Iowa | 6-8, 215 lbs | 21 yrs | 23.5 ppg, 8.7 rpg, 1.5 apg, 55.4% FG, 39.8% 3FG)

ESPN’s Jonathan Givony said Murray would fit well with the Pistons’ young core, especially given the Jerami Grant trade rumours. He added that Grant is likely on the move as he is in the final year of his contract and may no longer fit into the team’s recovery schedule.

Givony wrote of the former Iowa Hawkeye, “Murray’s intellectual approach and steady demeanor should be a good fit for franchise building block Cade Cunningham, with his dynamic shooting ability, how he breaks defensive glass and the versatility he brings to the defensive end .”

New York Post – Prospectus: Keegan Murray

“The nation’s fourth-best scorer a year ago is underrated defensively and fits perfectly with the shooting-needy Pistons alongside playmaking forward Cade Cunningham, who was No. 1 overall last year.”

CBS Sports – Prospect: Dyson Daniels (G | G League Ignite | 6-8, 195 lbs | 19 yrs | 11.3 ppg, 5.9 rpg, 4.4 apg, 44.9% FG, 25.5% 3FG )

Kyle Boone pointed out that the G League Ignite Guard climbed the draft boards due to a strong season and his pre-draft workouts.

“He’s a creative live dribbling passer with great height and incredible defensive shots. As a full-back with his playing skills, he can be a versatile, next-level offensive weapon. Pairing him alongside Cade Cunningham could help ease the build burden for 2021’s No. 1 pick.”

The Ringer – Prospect: Jaden Ivey (SG, | Purdue | 6-4, 200 lbs | 20 yrs | 17.2 ppg, 4.7 rpg, 3 apg, 45.9% FG, 37% 3FG)

In this video, Kevin O’Connor predicted the Pistons would pick Jaden Ivey with the fifth overall pick after the Sacramento Kings took Murray in fourth place. O’Connor said the fourth, fifth and sixth pick would be unpredictable since the Kings’ choice would affect the rest of the lottery.

O’Connor pointed out that the Pistons like Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton, who is a restricted free agent. So if they pick Jaden Ivey on draft night, they can focus on other free agents when the moratorium is lifted. He added that Ivey would be a perfect partner for Cunningham due to his dynamic style of play.

“So with Ivey you have that, you know, like a super exciting downhill guy who can finish on the rim and make room to avoid the outside jump,” O’Connor said. “The only concern with him, I know, is that he didn’t actually direct the show at Purdue. he wasn’t the primary type. But does that matter with the pistons? No, that’s more important for other teams. It doesn’t make sense for the Kings considering all their guards, and even for the (Indiana) Pacers, I don’t like the fit next to Tyrese Haliburton as much as I do next to Cade Cunningham because of the size aspect. Cade is so versatile, so great on defense.”

SB Nation – Prospect: Keegan Murray

Although Ricky O’Donnell predicted that the Pistons would pick Murray, he wrote that Jalen Duren was ultimately the top pick at No. 5.

“Duren is our No. 5 due to his tremendous physicality as one of the youngest players in the draft. A 6’10, 250-pound man with a 7’5 wingspan, Duren combines incredible power on the rim with quick enough feet on the rim to to master multiple pick and roll coverages. I love the idea of ​​pairing Cunningham with a monster athlete who can be a lob target and developing a short roll playmaker on offense while taking over defense.”

Stadium prospect: Shaedon Sharpe (G | Kentucky | 6-6 | 18 yo)

I saw this athletic guard a summer ago and fell in love with its potential. Sharpe is a Canadian who is more comfortable as a goalscorer and is capable of reaching and finishing the basket due to his size, speed and athleticism. He also has nice play from the middle and can make shots from deep, although he is streaky behind the arc. Sharpe enrolled in Kentucky in January but never played a game in college.”

FTW! USA Today prospectus: Keegan Murray

Yahoo! Sport prospect: Jaden Ivey

Raphielle Johnson wrote that the Pistons have room on the list for another strong perimeter player who not only can score on multiple levels, but also creates chances for others.

Enter Ivey, an athletic security guard more than capable of filling that role alongside Cunningham. The former Purdue star needs to get better defensively, but it’s not as if he wasn’t ready to get the job done on that end of the floor while he was in college. The aforementioned Murray and Arizona’s Bennedict Mathurin could also be options for the Pistons here.”

Complex Sports – Prospect: Shaedon Sharpe

The Pistons may not get a top 3 pick, but their options aren’t limited as some solid prospects remain. Complex predicted the Pistons would pick Kentucky number 5 Shaedon Sharpe on June 23.

Sharpe, of course, gives the Pistons an athletic guard who can be a running mate for guard Cade Cunningham.

Danny Cunningham wrote, “He was always the best athlete on the floor at his high school and AAU games, even though the competition isn’t as fierce as it was in Kentucky. He has yet to be molded into a better basketball player, but he’s already a strong finisher, both above and below the rim.”

Cunningham added that Sharpe needs to adjust to the NBA’s three-point line, but he has a fluid shot that will make it easier for him to find his footing.

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